There's nothing like gathering round a bonfire and enjoying the fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night. But when it comes to lighting bonfires, it's always best to do your research in order to keep everyone safe. We've teamed up with, to give you some bonfire safety tips that all families should know.


Choose your location wisely

A desirable spot for a bonfire should be sheltered from the wind and far away from any obstacles such as fences, sheds or trees.


Structure your bonfire properly

Unlit bonfire structure
© AlexSap

A stable tipi-shaped bundle of light and dry wood, on a bed of tinder - twigs and grass - in a shallow pit is the ideal construction for a family bonfire, with gaps left for oxygen to ventilate the flames.


Check for hibernating animals

Always check your bonfires before lighting for animals hiding inside – especially hedgehogs. If they are hibernating, then don't try and move them, simply find another place to make your bonfire or enjoy a friend's bonfire!


Light your fire safely

Never use flammable liquids or throw any items in with the organic materials. In particular, avoid paraffin or petrol, aerosols, bottles, tins or furniture. To light your fire safely, simply drop a match into the centre of the bonfire.


Keep your distance

Keeping distance from a bonfire
© Martin Steinthaler

Once the bonfire is lit, everyone, especially children, should remain at a safe distance and there must be water on hand - either buckets or a hose - in case it gets out of control.


Extinguish the fire

It is also important, once the fire has died and the party is finished, to douse and bury the embers.


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