Fright night is just one week away, which means it's time to crack on with the Halloween party preparations…


Whether you're having a quiet night in, or an all-out Halloween celebration, party drinks are always welcome!

Forget your traditional Halloween punch, we've teamed up with Vita Coco to bring you two delicious cocktail and mocktail recipes to get the party started.

Made with Vita Coco's refreshing sparkling drinks, these cocktails will be the secret to a hauntingly good evening.

Take a look below to see these tempting tropical treats!


Satan's sparkling finger cocktail

Halloween Cocktail 1


- 20ml plantation pineapple Stiggins Fancy rum

- 90ml Vita Coco Pineapple & Passionfruit

- 10ml fresh lime juice

- 5ml blood orange syrup

- Skeleton leaves & physalis fruit


1. Fill up the flute with ice (pre-chill the glass).

2. Add Plantation Pineapple Rum, fresh lime to a shaker and shake for 3 seconds.


3. Discard the ice from the flute. Double strain rum and lime juice in the flute glass


Fright Night Fizz

Halloween Cocktail 2


- 100ml Vita Coco Sparkling Lemon & Lime

- 10ml elderflower cordial

- 15ml fresh lime juice

- 15ml orange juice


1. Fill up your serving glass with ice.

2. Pour in Vita Coco Lemon & Lime, then add 10ml elderflower cordial, fresh lime juice and orange juice.

3. Garnish with a halloween eyeball!

Recipes courtesy of Vita Coco and The Cocktail Service