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Vileda 1-2 spray mop

Does the Vileda 2-in-1 mop leaves floors sparkling clean? Read YourHomeStyle's review to find out

Our rating 
4.8 out of 5 star rating 4.8
Vileda 2 to 1 spray mop

Our review

A well-designed swivelling mop head that's very easy to manoeuvre and glide under furniture.
Pros: No need for a bucket
No need for detergent
Removes over 99% bacteria
No batteries needed
Washable mop pads
Cons: Wide mop may be too large for small, cluttered floor areas
Handle is not telescopic

Is the Vileda 2-1 spray mop easy to use?

This flat mop was quick and simple to put together, simply requiring us to click the handle onto the mop head. To fill this spray mop, you lift the cap at the top of the handle and fill with water. Then it’s just a case of pulling the trigger at the top of the handle to spray the water from the central nozzle at the base of the mop. The water is squirted in front of the mop head, so you just spray, then glide the mop head over the wet floor surface to clean it. The mop was very light to use and the swivelling mop head was very easy to manoeuvre and glide under furniture. The generous 35cm-wide mop head meant we could cover a large area of floor in super-quick time. The microfibre mop pad did a great job at trapping dirt and, when the time comes to clean it, you simply undo the poppers which attach it to the body of the mop. It can then be popped in the washing machine to clean it ready to go again.

What features does the Vileda 2-1 spray mop have?

  • Spray mechanism
  • Washable, microfibre mop pad
  • Removes 99% bacteria with just water
  • Long handle
  • Dimensions: 14cmL x 35cmW x 136cmH

There’s no need for a bucket with this spray mop. Simply fill the 275ml tank with water and away you go, no batteries needed. The microfibre mop pad removes dirt, grease and 99% of bacteria with water alone without the need for chemical cleaners. The microfibre pad can be washed in your washing machine at up to 60 °C up to 200 times. Mop pad refills are available and recommended to be replaced every six months. The unique microfibre mop head boasts 2-in-1 Powerzones for effortless cleaning around your home.

Does the Vileda 2-1 spray mop clean well?

This mop gave great results on both laminate and vinyl, cleaning away marks and grime quickly and easily without the need to excess scrubbing. It’s ideal for cleaning floor tiles, linoleum and laminate floors. However, the moisture of the pads is also suitable for parquet and wood floors.

Does the Vileda 2-1 spray mop offer value for money?

Considering how well it performed and the fact you don’t need to use detergent with it, we felt this mop offered excellent value for money at £28.39 with a one-year guarantee. The fact you could wash and reuse the mop head also helped up its eco-friendly credentials compared with other spray mops which have throw-away cleaning pads.

Not quite what you were looking for?

We’ve tested a range of other mops, and here are the top scorers:

Addis Superdry Plus mop

Score: 18/20

This well-constructed mop felt really sturdy and, other than taking the protective plastic bag off the mop head, was ready to use straight away without the need for any construction. The handle is telescopic so you can adjust it to a comfortable working height.

The ridged sponge-like head acts like a sweeping mop, collecting everything in its path, including hair – making it ideal if you have pets. When the mop is immersed in water the hair, dirt and dust is simply dispersed in the water. To wring out the water you simply press down on the lever mounted on the handle of the mop, which squeezes out all the moisture allowing you to both clean and dry your mop in one.

It was very easy to manoeuvre and a good rub with the mop head quickly erased stubborn marks on the floor. You will need to use a largish square bucket to accommodate the width of the 29cm-wide mop head, but Addis sells a mop pail and wringer, £7.99 ,which is large enough for this mop head.

This mop did a really good job at cleaning the floor, especially as it has the added benefit of collecting hair and dirt in the process. It performed well on both laminate and vinyl in our test and it’s also suitable for ceramic and natural stone floors too.

Minky 3-in-1 Power Clean strip mop and Vortex bucket and wringer and head refill

Score: 15/20

Putting this mop together was quick and simple, we simply had to screw the mop handle into the mop head and we were ready to go. The handle extends, which allows you to adjust the length for your height.

The Vortex mop bucket features a spiral-like wringer which help remove quite a bit of water from the mop head, helping to prevent you over-wetting the floor.

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, this mop features a tapered design and a generous spout, the bucket was easy to both fill and empty without any spillages.

This mop performed fairly well on both laminate and vinyl, but a little extra scrubbing was needed on stubborn stains. The mop strands did a good job of gathering up dirt and hairs from the floor as we mopped.


Suitable for most hard floor coverings, Minky recommends that you refer to the flooring manufacturer/installer instructions if unsure and, in particular, for wooden and laminate floors. The also advice you take extra care with light coloured flooring.