The best reusable coffee cups on the high street right now

Make every drink an eco-friendly one with our round up of the best reusable cups on the market right now...

Reusable coffee cup

Since that iconic Blue Planet II ocean pollution episode aired back in 2017, environmentally-friendly and plastic-free products have been a hot topic.


Now, just two years later, the UK has halved its plastic bag sales and next year will see a ban on plastic straws. But the war on waste isn’t over yet!

Each year the UK uses and throws away 2.5 billion coffee cups. But with some great reusable alternatives on the market, now there’s no excuse.

To help you combat disposable coffee cup waste and take advantage of that free Waitrose coffee, we’ve rounded up five of the best reusable cups on the high street right now. Check them out below…

 Stojo collapsable coffee cup in Carnation Pink and Cashmere Grey

£11.99 each, SkinnyDip London

Stojo collapsable coffee cup

Handbag space is valuable, plus it’s always helpful to have a hand free to chase after that toddler! The Stojo cup is a collapsible BPA-free reusable coffee cup that, when you’re finished using it, can compress down to just two inches. Suitable for small coffee, it’s the ultimate travel-friendly beverage buddy.


Huski Home regular cup in Rose and Duck Egg

£9.99 each, Huski Home

Rice husk coffee cup

Huski Home is taking eco-friendly to a whole new level. Not only are these mugs totally reusable, but they’re also made from recycled rice husks!

Committed to producing a product that’s as green as it can be, Huski Home has a huge variety of plastic-free 100 per cent biodegradable alternatives to standard coffee cups. Plus this fab design will keep your drinks at optimum temperature for up to 90 minutes!


Collapsable water bottle in blue or grey

£15 each, Oliver Bonas

Collapsable water bottle

Reusable cups aren’t all about cappuccinos and lattes. Investing in a great reusable water bottle will save you money on bottled water and keep you hydrated all day long.


We love this collapsible design from Oliver Bonas. With a 400ml capacity, you can collapse this handy water bottle in stages to save you precious handbag space. Plus, made from a sturdy and flexible silicone, it’s considerably lighter than metal water bottle.