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Tefal ActiFry Advance Air Fryer tried & tested review

The YourHomeStyle team put the bestselling Tefal ActiFry Advance FZ727840 Air Fryer to the test. Here's what we thought...

Our rating 
3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0
TEFAL ActiFry Advance FZ727840 Air Fryer
Pros: Viewing window; Stirring paddle for even cooking
Cons: Expensive considering it only has one cooking function; Tricky shape means some foods won't fit inside
  • Price From £179.99
  • Dimensions & weight 238 x 303 x 433 mm (H x W x D), 4.08kg
  • Capacity 1.2kg
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Dishwasher safe? The removable basket and stirrer are yes
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Tefal is one of the top brands when it comes to air fryers. They offer traditional drawer air fryer designs as well as innovate circular styles like the ActiFry Advance Snacking that we tested below. The advantage of the ActiFry Advance is that is has a viewing window, letting you keep an eye on your cooking, plus a stirring paddle that means you don’t need to worry about manually shaking the basket half-way through.

The advantage of the ActiFry Advance is that is has a viewing window, letting you keep an eye on your cooking...

How energy efficient is the Tefal Air Fryer?

The YourHomeStyle team used an energy monitor plug to work out just how much the Tefal Air Fryer cost to run:

Total time to cook a Sunday roast 50 mins

Energy cost 14p

If you’d like to find out how much your appliances cost, energy monitor plugs are easy-to-use. We bought the pack of 2 Besvic 13A Electricity Usage Power Consumption Monitor Socket from Amazon, but you can buy individual energy monitor plugs, too. 

Energy monitor plug
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Testing the Tefal ActiFry Advance Snacking Air Fryer

We tried one of the brand’s bestselling air fryers, the ActiFry Advance Snacking Air Fryer. To test it, we tried cooking a Christmas dinner, but these ingredients can easily work for a Sunday roast instead. We used 10 chicken drumsticks (a traditional chicken and turkey doesn’t work for this style air fryer), chopped carrots, sprouts, roasted potatoes and Aunt Bessie’s stuffing balls.

We scored the Tefal ActiFry Advance Snacking Air Fryer on how easy it was to use, the cooking results, its value for money and the tech specs.

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How to use the Tefal Actifry Advance Snacking

The lightweight Tefal ActiFry was super simple to unpack and set up. We chose to use it without the optional air frying basket and popped the ten chicken legs directly into the pot. The only function buttons are a plus and minus which determine the timer, you can’t specify specific temperatures.

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Using the picture guide included in the box as a reference, we set the timer to 25 minutes for the chicken. After 5 minutes we noticed one side was cooking more than the other (thanks to the handy viewing window) so we added on the stirring paddle accessory and this helped enormously with creating a more even cook.

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After 25 minutes the chicken legs were crispy and ready to eat. We took them out and kept them warm while we added in the potatoes, veg and stuffing.

YourHomeStyle / Our Media

We set the timer for 25 minutes again, but we should have added in the stuffing later as the stirring paddle broke them up into bits. We also realised we’d missed a trick not using the air frying basket accessory for the veg, as it would have cooked them faster.

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Taste test

That being said, the potatoes were nice and fluffy and had crispy skin. The veg was packed with flavour although had a bit of a bite to them. By far the best were the chicken legs, they were deliciously juicy with salty crispy skin.

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OUR VERDICT: Should you buy the Tefal ActiFry Advance Snacking?

It might not take a traditional turkey or chicken, but for crispy, succulent legs, wings and flavoursome veg and chips you can’t fault this model. The viewing window was a huge help when determining if food was ready or not, and the size and weight make it possible to store away and get out easily whenever you need.

We weren’t hugely impressed by Tefal’s instruction manual (it had pictures only) but once you’ve plugged it in and tried it once you quickly get the hang of things.

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How does the Tefal ActiFry Advance Snacking Air Fryer compare to other models?

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