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Minky Luxury Heated Throw Review

This super-soft heated throw is a stylish and cosy way to keep warm in winter months or on cool spring nights. Read our review to find out everything you need to know…

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
Minky Luxury Heated Throw

Our review

This throw is a must have for any home in the winter – it’s warm, cosy, and a cost-effective heating alternative
Pros: Super-soft material
Auto off feature
Easy temperature control with 10 heat settings
Simple timer control
Machine washable
Fast warm up time
Cons: Only 2 colour options
Goes out of stock regularly
Not tumble dryer safe

Price £64.99
Dimensions 180x180cm
• Warranty 2 years


I tested Minky’s Luxury heated throw and scored it on performance, features, style, product care and value for money. Read on to see the verdict.

Minky Luxury Heated Throw review

Short on time? The Minky Luxury heated throw in 30 seconds

At £64.99, Minky’s stylish, heated throw isn’t the cheapest blanket we tested, but it is a total game-changer and worth every penny. We’ve used it every day since it arrived. 

It heats up quickly and even if you’re totally freezing, it’ll warm you up in an instant. It’s particularly good if you work from home or tend to sit on the sofa in the evenings – you can put it over your lap to stay warm rather than putting the heating on. We also particularly like that you don’t have to worry about leaving it on, as it turns itself off automatically if it starts getting too hot.

Product performance and features

The Minky Luxury Heated Throw comes with easy-to-follow instructions on its box, but even without these, it couldn’t be easier to use. It doesn’t require any setup – all you have to do is plug it in at the wall, and it’s good to go.

This throw comes complete with a temperature and timer controller that’s super simple to use, and perfect for those with limited eyesight or dexterity. It has 4 simple buttons, and all you have to do is hit the plus or the minus to turn the heat, or the timer, up or down. The controller also detaches quickly and easily when you want to put the throw in the wash.

Minky Luxury Heated Throw Review

In terms of material, Minky’s heated throw is super-soft, snuggly, and not much heavier than a normal throw. The heat-up wires within it are barely detectable, and when it does warm up, the heat is distributed evenly. There are 10 different temperature settings, so you can easily program it to suit your environment. You can also set it to be on continuously for between 1 and 10 hours, but it’ll turn off automatically when it gets to a certain temperature, to prevent overheating.

From the point of being switched on, the throw only takes a matter of minutes to heat up – we think you can start to feel the heat within a minute. It also cools down quickly, so if you find that you’ve put it on too high a setting, it’ll adjust quickly.

According to Minky, this blanket costs 4p an hour to run (based on the October 2022 Energy Price Cap) making it an economical alternative to putting the heating on – especially if you live somewhere that has large rooms that take a while to heat. Obviously, this blanket won’t heat a whole room, but we think it’s warm enough that you won’t need to have the heating on if you have it over you. As previously mentioned, the blanket will shut itself off as soon as it reaches your desired temperature, and this feature prevents it from overusing any electricity too.

The power cable is a good length – we’d guess it’s around 6ft long. In an ideal world, we’d prefer if the cable was slightly longer, just to give a little bit more flexibility if your bed or sofa isn’t close to a plug socket. That being said, you could easily plug the blanket it into an extension lead if you wanted to, so it’s not a massive issue.

With one point available for each of the bolded elements above, I score the Minky Luxury Heated Throw 10/10 for performance and features.

Product feel & style

The Minky Luxury Heated Throw is made from plush, fleecy fibres, and it’s super cosy and soft. Online, reviews say this throw weighs 6.3 kg, but if that sounds a little heavy to you, don’t be put off – it doesn’t feel too bulky or weighty in person, and it’s light enough to layer over other duvets or blankets.

You can notice the quality of this throw when you feel it – it’s well made, and although it’s 100% polyester, it doesn’t feel cheap. This does mean, however, that from a material point of view, it’s not particularly sustainable.

As previously mentioned, the heated wires within the blanket are barely noticeable – in fact, if you didn’t have the blanket plugged in, you wouldn’t necessarily realise it was a heated throw.

This throw is available in two different sizes – medium and large. We tested the large size, and would say that you could easily have 2 people sitting under it.

It’s also available in two different colours, cream and grey. While this isn’t a huge colour range, the available colours are likely to suit most decor styles – they’re pretty neutral. From an aesthetic point of view, this throw is pretty inoffensive.

Overall, I score the Minky Luxury Heated Throw 3/4 for product feel and style. I deducted one point on account of the fact that it’s made from non-sustainable material and doesn’t come in a huge colour range.

Product care

Once the temperature and timer control is unplugged, you can put Minky Luxury Heated Throwon a 30 degree cycle in the washing machine. Unfortunately, this throw can’t be tumble dried or dry cleaned. However, as it’s not too heavy, it shouldn’t take too long to air dry.

Based purely on the fact that the throw can’t be tumble dried, I score the Minky Luxury Heated Throw 1/2 for product care.

Value for money

With a RRP of £64.99 for a large blanket and £59.99 for a medium, the Minky Luxury Heated Throw definitely isn’t one of the cheapest options on the market. That being said, we believe it’s well worth investing in if you can – it’s a fantastic alternative to heating, and it’s great quality.

In our testing, we found that the Minky Luxury Heated Throw lived up to all the brand’s claims. In fact, it was actually better than we anticipated; it’s so easy to use, incredibly quick to heat up, and so cosy. We can’t recommend enough.

With fours points available for overall value for money, I score the Minky Luxury Heated Throw 4/4 for value for money.

Final score

Taking into account the above criteria, I give the Minky Luxury Heated Throw an overall score of 18/20.


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