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Dreamland Relaxwell heated throw – tested by YourHomeStyle

This remote-controlled heated throw is an ingenious and cosy alternative to putting the heating on. Read our review and see what we thought...

Our rating 
4.8 out of 5 star rating 4.8
Dreamland Relaxwell heated throw in Grey

Our review

This is a genius (and astoundingly cosy) alternative to putting the heating on
Pros: Super-soft, cosy material
Temperature & timer control
Fast warm-up and cool-down times
Cheap alternative to putting the heating on
Machine-washable and tumble dryer safe
Cons: Non-sustainable material
  • Price from £59.99
  • Dimensions 120 x 160cm
  • Warranty 2 years

I tested Dreamland’s Relaxwell heated throw, one of the best-reviewed electric blankets on the market, and scored it on performancefeaturesstyleproduct care and value for money. Read on to see the verdict!

Dreamland Relaxwell heated throw review

Short on time? The Dreamland Relaxwell heated throw in 30 seconds

£60 may seem steep for a blanket, but the Relaxwell heated throw is a game-changer for home-workers and anyone trying to keep the gas bills down this winter.

It has a super soft and thick material, with an easy-to-adjust temperature/timer control, and innovative technology adjusts the temperature depending on how cold or warm your surroundings are – snazzy.

Product performance and features

The Relaxwell heated throw comes in a clear plastic storage bag and has an easy-to-read instruction manual. Even without guidance, it’s pretty straightforward to plug in and get going with it. It feels just like a normal plush throw, super snuggly, and the heat-up wires within are barely noticeable. 

It has an easy-to-navigate temperature and timer control that has a temperature table on the back so you can quickly gauge how each setting equates to a certain heat. For the heat function to work, you need to plug in this control and its cable. The product also has ‘Intelliheat+ technology’, which adapts to temperature changes in the room you’re in.

There are six different temperature levels, 1-3 low, suitable for continuous or all-night heat; 4-5, medium heat; 6, fast heat, suitable for when you need to warm up quickly. There are three timer settings too; 1 hour, 3 hours or 9 hours.

The brand says it takes 5 mins to heat up and maybe that’s the case for heating up to the maximum desired temperature, but I felt it warming up in as little as a minute! Equally, it cools down quickly too. It evenly distributes warmth and the real stand-out factor is, unlike hot water bottles that heat just one area, this throw warms your entire body up, including your hands, so it’s perfect for home-workers who can get chilly easily sitting at a desk for long periods. 

In terms of energy efficiency, the brand says it costs from 1p an hour to run, making it a cheaper alternative to turning the heating on.

The 1.5m power cable is long enough to let you move about comfortably on a seat, sofa or bed. 

It’s available in one size only, but there is a range of colours to choose from and the brand has lots of other styles of heated throws too.

With one point available for each of the bolded elements above, I score the Relaxwell heated throw 10/10 for performance and features.

Product feel & style

One of the stand-out factors of the Relaxwell throw is the cosy velvety, plush material. Even without the heat turned on this is a warming blanket. Unfortunately it’s not made from sustainable material, it’s 100% polyester, but we feel its energy-efficient properties and durability make it an item you can cherish for a long time. 

The heated wires within the throw are barely noticeable and they’re very thin and bendy so they don’t feel cumbersome.

Aesthetically, it has a discreet, inoffensive style and the range of colours Dreamland offer means you can at least tie it in with your decor scheme. It’s a tad heavier than your average plush throw but if anything this makes it feel cosier and warmer. 

With one point available for each of the bolded elements above, I score the Relaxwell heated throw 3/4 for product feel and style.

Product care

Once the temperature and timer control is unplugged, the Relaxwell heated throw can be popped in the washing machine and can also be tumble dried, a handy factor, especially for family homes and pet owners.

With one point available for each of the bolded elements above, I score the Relaxwell heated throw 2/2 for product care.

Value for money

At around £60, the Relaxwell throw is more expensive than your average blanket but considering you really don’t need the heating on when using it, we think it’s a worthy investment, especially for the colder months. In fact, since receiving it, there hasn’t been a day when I haven’t used it! 

It has a two-year warranty and meets all the brand’s claims; customisable temperature and timings, heats up quickly and cools down quickly, super-soft material, and machine washable.

With fours points available for overall value for money, I score the Relaxwell heated throw 4/4 for value for money.

Final score

Taking into account all of the criteria described above, I give the Dreamland Relaxwell heated throw an overall score of: 19/20


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