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Cosori Lite Smart Air Fryer tried & tested review

I put the new Lite 3.8L Smart Air Fryer from popular brand Cosori to the test with TikTok's viral feta pasta recipe. Was it up to scratch? Here's what I thought...

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
COSORI Lite 3.8L Smart Air Fryer review

Our review

A great all-rounder air fryer that fits in a large amount of food and has the added perk of smart technology
Pros: Super speedy cooking times; clear and easy-to-use digital screen; sleek design; Smart technology lets you control cooking via an app or Google Assistant
Cons: A bit on the large side
  • Price £99.99
  • Dimensions & weight ‎37.6 x 27.5 x 32.5 cm (H x W x D), 4.4kg
  • Capacity 3.8L
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Dishwasher safe? The air fryer basket is yes

Cosori Air Fryer energy efficiency

I used an energy monitor plug to work out just how much the Cosori Lite 3.8L Smart Air Fryer cost to run.

  • Total time to cook the TikTok feta pasta recipe 13 mins, 57 seconds
  • Energy cost 1.67p (£0.0167)

Energy monitor plug

Testing the Cosori Lite 3.8L Smart Air Fryer

To test Cosori’s latest air fryer model, I tried cooking TikTok’s viral feta pasta recipe, which includes a whole block of feta (don’t judge me), a punnet of cherry tomatoes, a sprinkling of chilli flakes and chopped garlic, and a handful of fresh basil leaves.

I scored the Cosori Lite on how easy it was to use, the cooking results, its value for money and the tech specs.

How to use the Cosori Lite 3.8L Air Fryer

The Cosori Lite air fryer was good to go straight out of the box and came with a helpful instruction booklet and recipe and timing guidance too. It was much larger than the other drawer air fryer we tested, the Tower Compact, but its capacity is nearly double the amount. The sleek design makes up for its larger size too, so if you have enough counter space, it looks pretty neat out on display.

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Using the wisdom of previous TikTok festa pasta recipe trials, I pre-heated the Cosori to 200 for 4 minutes. The snazzy touch screen was easy to navigate and although there is a pre-set ‘pre-heat’ button, you can easily customise the temp and timings to your specific needs.

I used a small round baking tray to put my feta pasta sauce ingredients in. I did this to save on the faff of cleaning after but you can put the ingredients directly into the Cosori air fryer drawer on the removable tray if you prefer or if you need more room (it might improve the results too). The drawer and removable tray are dishwasher friendly too but as I don’t have one myself, I thought the baking tray idea would be best for me in this instance.

Once you’ve placed your feta block and cherry tomatoes in, add olive oil, salt & pepper, chilli flakes and freshly chopped garlic on top.

Once the machine was heated up, I set the timer for 10 minutes and while the ingredients were cooking I put my pasta on to boil.

When the time was up for the feta and tomatoes I could hear lots of happy bubbling sounds from within. On opening the drawer the results looked great – the cheese looked lovely and oozy and the cherry tomatoes were browned and softened.

The Cososri Lite has a shake function which automatically alerts you when the machine thinks your dish will need a mix or shake for a more even cook. I ignored this alert for this dish as it was only cooking for 10 minutes, but for meals that require cooking for longer this is a handy function.

The best part of making this dish is mixing up the baked feta and tomatoes (just watch out for the juicy cherry toms as they can make a mess, as I learnt!). I gave it a taste and decided to add a few more chilli flakes in, then I stirred it into my cooked Fusilli pasta, added some fresh basil leaves from the garden and viola, it was ready!

Taste test

This is hands-down one of the easiest meals I’ve ever made and it tasted so good! The sweetness of the baked cherry tomatoes against the saltiness of the feta is a treat for the tastebuds and I like how you can add some spice depending on how much you like a chilli kick. You could easily adapt the dish and add in different herbs too. I’ll be making this a regular weekday meal for sure.

OUR VERDICT: Should you buy the Cosori Lite 3.8L Smart Air Fryer?

I was so impressed trying the Cosori Lite with the TikTok feta pasta recipe that I’ve also tried making a whole host of other meals, such as a Sunday roast, fish and chips, and I even made bread in it too! I’ve found that one-dish recipes like the feta pasta sauce work best, but chips, and battered foods like fish and chicken wings, also came out deliciously crispy.

The digital screen is a doddle to use and the drawer is roomy enough to fit enough food in to serve a family of 3-4. The large size might be a draw back for some, but if you’re on the hunt for an oven replacement or are hoping to use it several times a week then I think the results make up for the size.

I’m yet to try the Smart app technology but it looks simple enough to set up. You just need to download the app, connect the machine to your WiFi and you’ll then be able to control your air fry cooking via your phone – snazzy.


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