Christmas gift guide for cocktail lovers

We all love a drink around Christmas, so why not spread that love with your friendly and friends. Check out our gift guide now!

Tipplesworth cocktail maker

Whether you’re buying for an experienced mixologist or an amateur enthusiast, these thoughtful gifts for cocktail lovers are unique and unusual. Here’s our top pick!

Nomu decanter
© Oliver Bonas

This incredible Nomu Decanter from Oliver Bonas is inspired by vintage cut-crystal. It’s also available in a stunning aqua glass – fill either with your favourite spirit and style on a cocktail cart for a killer drinks display.

Noveltea Christmas gift
© Noveltea

Noveltea‘s slogan is Tea with Spirit, and they really aren’t joking. This bundle has three full-size alcoholic tea blends – oolong with scotch whisky, earl grey with gin and Moroccan mint with rum – that you can serve as cold or warm cocktails, plus a delicate glass teapot that would make any cocktail cabinet look glamorous.

Tipplesworth cocktail maker
© Tipplesworth

If you know someone who’s just getting into their cocktails, this Tipplesworth cocktail mixer is an ideal stocking filler. The Passionfruit Martini flavour is a delicious, pre-mixed version of the UK’s most popular cocktail, the Pornstar Martini – all you need to do is add vodka. If passionfruit isn’t your thing, there’s also an espresso martini version, or a festive punch flavour… perfect for Christmas day festivities.


Iko Cocktail Shaker, £24

Iko cocktail shaker
© Oliver Bonas

Cocktail shakers don’t have to look traditional to get the job done. This beautiful and ornate Iko cocktail shaker from Oliver Bonas will be proudly displayed in any kitchen when it’s not in use – gift it to a cocktail lover or a fan of vintage glamour.

Root7 Geo glass
© Urban Outfitters

These hand-blown, metallic Root7 tumblers are all over Pinterest, and it’s no wonder – they’re a chic, modern alternative to traditional barware. Their interesting and stylish geometric form makes them a great conversation piece for the cocktail enthusiast who loves to entertain. Sold as a set of 2, they’re hand wash only.

Kalinko butler's table
© Kalinko

Having a cocktail station in your home doesn’t have to mean art deco accessories. If you’re a fan of a more relaxed, beachside vibe, this butler’s table from Kalinko – whose products are handmade in Myanmar by traditional artisans – is the perfect piece of furniture. It’s made from classic brown handwoven rattan, so all you need to do is fill it with your favourite bottles.

textured glassware
© H&M

H&M‘s range of textured glassware is everything we ever wanted. It has a luxurious, vintage cut-crystal look that wouldn’t be out of place in any high-end hotel, but it’s also totally budget friendly. Style it on your cocktail cart and then reuse it on your Christmas table for an impressive luxe display.

Gold wire wine rack
© Morrisons

Cocktail lovers, gin enthusiasts and wine collectors alike will love this gold wire wine rack. It’s stylish and decorative, but at the same time, extremely practical. For a truly thoughtful Christmas gift, fill a few of the slots with your friend’s favourite bottles.