When Bronagh and Ivan began to look for their first house on a small budget, it took going back for a second viewing on their now-home to fully see its potential. ‘We’d looked at lots of properties and actually viewed this house but dismissed it. We came back a few months later and decided there and then we could do something lovely with it,’ explains Bronagh.

Home makeover: 'We used colour to make the ordinary beautiful'
Although it is designed for work, Bronagh’s study is anything but boring. Painted in Moda Gatsby by Dulux, the room features useful IKEA furniture and inspiring accessories, including trunks picked up at a local auction for a juxtaposition of vintage and modern styles

It was in the perfect location close to their family, in a lovely spot on a quiet road on the outskirts of Shannon, but the house was just a shell and had been empty for years. The previous owners had installed triple glazing, insulation and solid wood doors throughout, but it still needed a considerable amount of work. That didn’t deter them though.

Owner profile

We are Bronagh Fleming, a 44-year-old interior design blogger at Fox Hollow Style and digital media manager, and Ivan Daly, a 41-year-old landscape artist. We live here with our dog, a Cairn Terrier called Scruffy.

Our home is a two-bedroom bungalow located near Shannon in Co. Clare, Ireland.

I’m most proud of having fun with colour, trying out DIY ideas and encouraging others to do the same.

My top tip is to check your local free pages for furniture. You will be amazed at what people are getting rid of. On the flip side, offer items you no longer need, as there will always be someone in need of them.

The next big thing we’re planning to do is the garden. We want to use the space much more, but this will be a project for weekends that we’ll do over a few months. You can’t rush a garden!

I love shopping at auctions as you can always find a bargain, including good-quality furniture and china. Just remember to set your limit and don’t be tempted to go over it.

Bronagh Fleming

‘We got the keys to the property just before Christmas and moved in straight away. The excitement of owning our first home and no longer paying rent made us so happy,’ smiles Bronagh.

Home makeover: 'We used colour to make the ordinary beautiful'
The bedroom has a dreamy, boutique vibe thanks to its delicate colour palette and plush textiles. The wardrobe’s botanical print and the quirky flying parrots on the wall nod to the tropical trend. Soft pink walls, painted in Lipsync by Dulux, give a calm finish

Taking stock of what needed to be done, and what was possible with their finances, the couple camped out in one room and got to work on the house, with lots of help from Bronagh’s father. ‘We had a very tight budget, so apart from the electrics and plumbing we had to do as much of the work as we could ourselves.’

Home makeover: 'We used colour to make the ordinary beautiful'
To ensure they’d have plenty of storage, the couple opted for a sink cabinet from Ger Malone, and made shelves to fit neatly into the limited space next to it for display-worthy towels and toiletries. Keeping the styling simple, monochrome accessories offset the rich, dusky colour on the walls, which are painted in Bowman Blue by Colourtrend

This included upgrading the heating system, installing a new bathroom, reconfiguring the kitchen and upgrading the electrics. Ivan is an artist and needed some studio space, so the couple also converted the garage into a workable room for him.

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‘With the help of my brilliant father we worked really hard throughout January and most of the work was finished by February. Ivan did all the tiling and fitted the laminate flooring and insulation,’ says Bronagh.

Home makeover: 'We used colour to make the ordinary beautiful'
The kitchen has a traditional feel, with a Belling range and a simple splashback created using pieces from Right Price Tiles. A rail also provides practical hanging space for utensils and herbs right where they’re needed

The couple are very hands-on and will give most tasks a go – with a little help from the internet. ‘There is so much information online that even if you don’t have the knowledge you can learn enough to get by and ultimately save yourself a huge amount of money.’

Once the main building work was done, the couple were then able to concentrate on their forte – making the space as colourful as possible. ‘We began putting our stamp on the house in the cheapest way we knew, by painting it.’

Home makeover: 'We used colour to make the ordinary beautiful'
The utility room door opens out into the garden, so the wood-effect vinyl flooring from Banner Carpets, fitted by Ivan, and the round jute rug from Home Store + More are practical and hard-wearing additions

Starting with the living room, the couple envisioned doing something special. ‘It’s the first room you see when you come into the house, so I wanted a bold colour, art on display and a really welcoming vibe,’ says Bronagh. The room is north facing, so the couple ended up embracing this by painting it a dark blue that totally transformed the space.

‘All of a sudden it was a fun place to be in, with the artwork and collectibles that we have accumulated over the years, all stylishly arranged. It spoke volumes about us a couple, and it’s now our favourite room,’ smiles Bronagh.

Home makeover: 'We used colour to make the ordinary beautiful'
The couple prove you can never have too many cushions or pieces of art with their eclectic living room scheme. The IKEA sofa is brightened up with a mixed stack of cushions from Primark and Asda, as well as a fluffy sheepskin throw from Harry Corry. The button-back chair from Made.com adds a little opulence, as does a pompom-trimmed lampshade made by Bronagh in Liberty fabric – she found the base on a local free page, then painted it using Beag by Colourtrend

The house is furnished with an eclectic mix of pieces they have found in charity shops, local free pages and auctions, and the internet. ‘We did an IKEA trip to get some basics, such as beds, and practical wardrobes for some all-important storage. It makes for a stylish and functional combination,’ explains Bronagh.

Home makeover: 'We used colour to make the ordinary beautiful'
The guest room has been given an injection of creativity using an interesting combination of paint colours, with 70s-inspired burnt orange on the lower section of the wall (painted in Rustic by Dulux), a peachy pink on the upper wall and ceiling, and a touch of metallic with a stripe painted in Taika Gold. The ornate wicker chair was another freebie from Freecycle

The couple now feel that their house is an extension of themselves, and have poured a huge amount of their ideas, time and energy into making it so.

‘We have created beauty in the ordinary. People have contacted me on Instagram to say that my house is the same as theirs – the same layout, same dark narrow hallway – and we have given them so many ideas for what to do with it. This makes me really proud of our house – it’s a really special thing to hear,’ says Bronagh.

Home makeover: 'We used colour to make the ordinary beautiful'
Bronagh’s love of all things botanical and natural is on show in the living room, with foliage and florals in various forms throughout the room – including artwork, cushions, and dried and fresh flowers – creating an interest-filled corner with a boho-luxe feel. She’s also continued the outdoorsy theme by bringing in additional nature-inspired accessories, including antlers, a woven wicker basket and hanging heart, and even a fun stag’s head ornament above the mirror

Working within a budget has certainly made this home a goldmine of creativity and the couple’s love of design shines through in every room. With a few jobs outstanding, their decorating journey isn’t quite over yet though.

‘We still have work to do, but we will finish each room slowly when we can afford bits and pieces and will definitely appreciate it when it’s all done,’ concludes Bronagh.


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