BBC Two's Your Home Made Perfect is returning to screens for series three - and this time, there's a super-sized panel of six architects competing to win the trust of couples to give their home a radical makeover.


The popular show helps homeowners decide on a fresh new look for their space - with the help of virtual reality! In each episode, two high-flying architects will develop their own vision for the renovation, using digital technology to create impressions of what the final product might look like. The homeowners then decide which of the two designs they want to turn into reality.

In episode one, Bromley couple Shelley and Steven have saved up £105,000 to give their home a massive revamp - but which architect's vision will convince them to part with their life savings?

When does Your Home Made Perfect series three start?

Your Home Made Perfect series three starts on Monday 24 May on BBC Two.

You can catch a new episode every week at 8pm, or catch up on iPlayer.

Who presents Your Home Made Perfect?

Irish TV and radio personality Angela Scanlon is returning once again to host series three of Your Home Made Perfect - and she says the success of the programme means she's not the only one feeling at home!

'The series just feels bigger - the couples know the process because they’re familiar with the show, there’s more trust there, so people have made bolder choices,' she explains. 'And the lingo, everyone is across the lingo now - all the technical terminology - it made me howl!"

We interviewed Angela ahead of the new series to get her styling tips and see how her home life has changed over the past year - read our chat here.

Who are the architects on Your Home Made Perfect?

Series three sees Angela joined by a panel of six architects. Fans of the show will recognise Laura Jane Clark from previous series, but the other five are all newcomers chosen from the cutting-edge of modern interior design.

Laura Jane Clark

Glasgow-based architect Laura is returning for another series of Your Home Made Perfect. Having started her career on building sites, she's not afraid to knock down any obstacles in her way and create spectacular designs in the most unlikely spaces.

She admits that competing with five new faces has been a 'step into the unknown', but third series has been just as magical as the previous two. 'The VR reveals are so incredible. It is different to an actual reveal when the home owners have spent months and months on a building site. The VR reveal is like the best dream to have!'

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Julian McIntosh

Rising architecture star Julian McIntosh started his training in Huddersfield, but he's honed his skills as far afield as Spain and China. He was drawn to Your Home Made Perfect's focus on applying architectural principals to ordinary homes. 'The show’s goal to demonstrate that great quality architecture is available and accessible to everyone aligns strongly with my values,' he says. 'Good architecture is not a luxury only reserved for the elite.'

In episode one, Julian will go head-to-head with series veteran Laura to try and convince homeowners Shelley and Steve that his radical space-maximising plan is the right option for them.

Lynsey Elliott

Northumberland-based veteran architect Lynsey Elliott started her professional career redeveloping areas of Manchester damaged in the 1996 IRA bombing, and worked in Bath before returning to the North of England to raise her family. Her design philosophy fuses down-to-earth practicality with a laser-sharp attention to details.

Lynsey says she admires the way Your Home Made Perfect showcases creativity. The show's makers 'don’t seek drama through disaster or misfortune, they emphasise the skill, control and positive impact that an architect can have on a project, no matter what the scale'.

Will Foster

One of the most exciting architects working in the UK, Will Foster has a truly individual style. With an emphasis on sustainability, Will thrives on the challenge of repurposing existing features and using locally-sourced materials rather than razing down and starting from scratch.

He says his childhood in rural Somerset influenced his unique eye. 'The outdoors was my playground when growing up, where I built dens, tree houses, dams, and could be found refining my axe skills as a kid - architects call it improvised building, I call it fun growing up on Exmoor!'

Lizzie Fraher

Lizzie Fraher spent part of her training working on London's historical buildings, giving her a lifelong passion for creating spaces which reflect their roots. As such, she prides herself on taking the time to get to know each property and its owners before crafting designs which complement their surroundings.

'Stitching together the site story, environmental story and people story are the driving factors behind all the designs on the series,' she says. 'I love a story!' With a fierce competitive streak, she'll be giving it her all to win over this year's couples with her stylish and intelligent schemes.

Damion Burrows

Damion Burrows established his credentials as a bold innovator early on - he was trying out his daring interior designs on Manchester nightclubs at the age of 21! Moving into architecture from interior design means that the internal as well as external style is always at the forefront of his mind.


Damion has a passion for making the ordinary extraordinary, finding creative solutions to make even the most humble projects look a million dollars. But despite his flair, he says his number one priority is is understanding the needs of his clients. 'My designs are not about making statements,' he says. For instance, in one upcoming episode, 'they said they wanted something challenging, but really in their own minds they didn’t want to be challenged too much'.


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