Còsagach: the new trend we're cosying up to

With the cold and dark days all around us, Còsagach is certainly something you'll want to get on board with. Not sure what it is? Keep on reading

Còsagach scottish home

Hygge is the style we’ve all been obsessed with in recent years but there's a new trend in town: Còsagach.


In case you didn't know, Còsagach is an old Scottish word for feeling snug, sheltered and warm, and is inspired by ideas of cosy boltholes and small spaces.

It was highlighted as one of 2018's top lifestyle trends by a Visit Scotland Trend report and is now one we’re set to embrace as the cold nights over.

So, what can you do to welcome the trend into your home? Well, Elle Shenton, product designer for Silentnight bedlinen and accessories, shares her five top tips...


Crank up the heating

Don't hesitate – it’s getting cold, so this is the time to switch the heating on or, if you can, huddle around a real fire or wood burning stove. The point of Còsagach is to emphasise smaller spaces and to highlight what you can do to keep them warm, so embrace it by turning up the heat.


Incorporate texture

Throws on the sofas, the beds, and the baskets will be key, as it allows people to curl up and feel snug. Contemporary throws will be great here, providing a variety of textures, along with extra comfort and cosiness.


The rug game

Cosy winter rug
© irinamunteanu

Not everyone will have carpets, but as the colder months take over, a feeling of softness will be important. It's not about the heat - this is about comfort, particularly in the bedroom. If you have wooden floors, think about a rug you could stash in the loft come spring.#


Change your bedding

We all love a nice crisp cotton, but with winter taking over, think about fleece bedding sets. They're luxurious, warm and oh, so inviting! It's like sleeping in a giant fleece.


Embrace the darkness

Cosy dark evening
© Daniel Indrak / EyeEm

This one isn't about hibernating - it's all about nesting, laying low and embracing the arrival of the winter months. Turn down the lighting, embrace the darker colours and settle into a feeling of Còsagach as the nights draw in around us.


Here’s to cosy nights!


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