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How to organise your kitchen cupboards and shelves

Check out these handy tips to organise your kitchen storage and declutter your shelves and cupboards

Published: August 25, 2021 at 9:13 am
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Kitchens shelves and counters often become a dumping ground for everything from the day’s post to the latest food shop, making meal prep more stressful than it needs to be. Add in disorganised kitchen cupboards, and you're looking at a chaotic situation - no one needs the hassle of scrabbling around in a heap of mismatched pots and pans to find what they're after.


Make cooking as stress-free as possible with these handy tips to organise your kitchen space…

  • A logically ordered kitchen makes it much easier to find exactly what you need. Consider what items you use the most and place them in the easiest-to-reach areas. Items you only use every once in a while can be placed at the backs of cupboards or harder-to-reach areas.
Lakeland expandable shelf
Labelled 3.3l glass jar, £20.99, Etsy
  • For really aesthetically pleasing cupboards, use labelled glass containers like these ones from Etsy (above) for dried goods such as pasta and cereal into them. This can also be a more sustainable way of storing food if your local shop offers loose refills of dried foods, such as rice, flour and sugar.
  • It also makes sense to group cookware and crockery by purpose so that when it comes to cooking or making something specific, everything is in one place. For example, keep all your glassware and mugs together. This is especially useful if you’re into baking and need a designated cupboard to keep everything in order.
  • Open shelving has become popular in the hub of our homes, but if you let chaos reign they become disorganised in no time. So use the shelves to group items, but remember to give them space to breathe
Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Expandable Cutlery Tray, Grey
  • Messy cutlery and utensil drawers can make it very difficult to locate that one item you’re looking for. Organise these spaces using drawer dividers or cutlery trays – a simple way of separating your cutlery into sections. This expandable cutlery tray from Joseph Joseph (above) lets you make the most of every inch of space in your drawer.
Living 4 Piece Coffee, Tea, Sugar Jar Set and Bread Bin Set, £48.50, Wayfair

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