How to organise an attic

The loft can easily become a disorganised dumping ground, but you can restore order with these simple tips

House attic filled with old items
Published: September 6, 2022 at 12:56 pm

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An attic is often the most-neglected part of the house, and it can quickly become a dumping ground. Committing to tackle it is probably the hardest part, but these top tips will make the job feel a lot easier…

  • Firstly, make an inventory of what’s in your attic – and check inside boxes as labels don’t always match their contents.
  • When you know what’s in there, sort items into ‘keep’ and ‘remove’ piles. Donate any furniture that you don’t need to charity – some, such as the British Heart Foundation, offer free home collection of saleable furniture and some electrical items (any fire safety labels must still be attached). Or, if you’re feeling creative, why not try upcycling furniture? Match it to your existing décor, or list it online.
  • Get to know what you should and shouldn’t store in your attic. Attic spaces in particular are prone to dramatic heat fluctuations, which may damage items, such as electronics, photographs and personal documents, as well as vintage clothes and furniture. Consider purchasing archival file folders for precious photos, and other items like toys can be stored in airtight plastic boxes. Antiques and musical instruments should ideally be stored within your home instead.
  • Consider the weight distribution of items within the attic, too, particularly if you have fragile boards underfoot.
  • Organise the contents of your attic by season – with the most obvious one being Christmas! Take the time now to group them to avoid last-minute scrabbling when putting the decorations up. For other items, perhaps group by room or by item type.

And if sorting out your attic has made you consider what you could be doing with the space, check out our guide to planning a loft conversion.


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