How to create an outdoor living wall

With National Gardening Week (29th April - 5th May) rapidly approaching, it is the perfect time to start getting your outdoor area prepared for the sunny weather

Ouitdoor Living Wall

The theme for this year’s National Gardening Week has been set as ‘Edible Britain’ – an edible take on the living wall trend which is set to work in a small garden, patio or even a balcony. We’ve spoken to Dobbies’ resident gardening expert, Louise Golden, who is filling us in on why an edible living wall could be the addition your garden needs…


The good thing here is that even if you’re limited on space, there’s still the opportunity to make a statement, as a living wall really allows you to maximise your growing potential. A living wall planter will come in sets of 3 pots, so it lets you go as big or as small as you could want. Adding a living wall will also allow you to create a collage of colour or an edible bounty of herbs, vegetables or fruit.

1. Begin by choosing a spot in the garden – it can be a wall, fence, patio or balcony.

2. Now, you need to pick the plants you want. Slot your planters into place, using an electric screwdriver and working from the bottom up. Then, attach the plastic planters to the battens on every third row in staggered rows.

3. Start to water – get them at the top using a hosepipe or watering can to water the wall. The reservoir system is designed to keep the plants watered for up to two weeks, as it will make looking after your wall a simple process.

4. Now, start planting your living wall. Fill the planters with your chosen plants and remove them from their pots before planting them in the planter. Now, if you’d rather, you can keep them in the pot – this will let you easily swap plants out as and when required. Just make sure the pot touches the reservoir base in every planter.


5. Appreciate your hard work! Just make sure you remember to water your wall every two weeks to get the best results…