Four simple ways to reduce your grocery bills

Looking to cut down your food spending? These easy ideas will help you trim your supermarket bill

woman in supermarket
Published: April 27, 2022 at 4:13 pm
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With the cost of living crisis pushing many of us to tighten our belts, reducing our food bills is one of the most obvious ways to starting slimming down our everyday expenses. The good news is that a few savvy swaps and some planning can help you significantly lower the total on your supermarket receipt. Just follow these top tips for cutting your grocery bills…


• Meal planning is the most well-known tip, but it really does slash pounds off your shop! If you don’t plan your menu beforehand, you often won’t buy ingredients for full meals and might find yourself throwing away unused food, or spending money throughout the week to get missing items. And don't forget, unplanned purchases quickly add up, so make a list and stick to it! For inspiration, check out our recipes section!

• Prioritise leftovers when cooking, especially when it comes to lunch ideas and snacks. These can easily be combined with store-cupboard items for a heartier meal – try Love Food Hate Waste’s calculator. Search for a couple of ingredients at once to maximise your savings.

• Try the Downshift Challenge. During your next shop, swap a product to one brand level lower – for example, swap a branded orange juice carton to a supermarket own-brand version. If you can’t tell much of a difference between the two products, then choose the lower-level product next time. Money Saving Expert estimates that downshifting typically cuts grocery bills by 30 per cent.

• Community fridges are a popular way to save money and reduce food waste, with supermarkets and allotment groups often donating food near its best before date (which the Food Standards Agency advises is about quality, not safety). Check social media community groups or visit for your nearest community fridge. If you feel people may need the food more than you, visit near closing time to see what’s left.


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