The best quirky Christmas baubles for 2020

Baubles can turn a tree from cold and sparse to warm and bright, so why not invest in some new ones this festive season? Here's our pick of the bunch

Glittered planet shatterp

A beautiful festive bauble is more than just an ornament… it’s something that holds memories of Christmasses past.


That’s why this year, we’re looking for something unique. We’re not talking about your general round glittery numbers – oh no! We’ve searched for the best alternative and eye-catching baubles the UK High Street has to offer, and we weren’t disappointed.

From Karl Lagerfeld to fantastical birds, this season’s tree decorations are really something.

Here’s our top pick of the best unusual Christmas baubles for 2020!

Girl with the Pearl Earring Christmas decoration from Rockett St George
© Rockett St George

Add some artistic chic to your tree with this Christmas decoration inspired by the work of the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer from Rockett St George. It’s vibrant enough to add a pop of colour to your bauble collection too!

Glittered planet shatterp
© Cox & Cox

These planet-inspired baubles are out of this world and add a touch of retro glamour to any Christmas tree. The new collection from Cox & Cox also includes little spacemen and glittery UFOs.


Tropical birds, £24

Tropical birds decorations from Lola and Mawu
© Lola & Mawu

Bring tropical vibes to your tree with these vibrant birds! These cheerful Christmas decorations from Lola & Mawu are ethically produced in Ghana and every purchase brings meaningful income to the makers.

Literary Christmas decorations – Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. From The Shop Floor
© The Shop Floor

Looking for a more high-brow Christmas tree this year? These literary decorations feature famous female writers from history such as Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf. The only catch? You’ll need to be good at sewing! These decorations from The Shop Floor come in craft kits which includes everything you need to make your own bookish Christmas tree decoration.

Multi-coloured pear and apple Christmas decorations from The Contemporary Home
© The Contemporary Home

If you love a colourful Christmas tree, these fruity decorations from The Contemporary Home will fit in well if you have a rainbow colour scheme.


Miffy Christmas decorations, £12.95 each

Miffy Christmas decorations from Abode Living
© Abode Living

Relive your childhood with these adorable Miffy figures from Abode Living. Children will love looking for them on your tree!

Two vintage car Christmas decoration
© Cox & Cox

These cute car decorations from Cox & Cox will give your Christmas tree a really charming, nostalgic feel.


Under the sea decorations, from £7.49 each

Under the sea Christmas decorations by Gisela Graham
© Gisela Graham

There’s definitely a fantastical theme to many of this year’s Christmas tree decorations and these underwater creations from Gisela Graham are no exception. Live your mermaid dream with these beautiful baubles!


Fantasia birds, £16

Fantasia bird Christmas decorations by Ella James
© Ella James

Give your tree a magical feel with these brilliant bird decorations created by Ella James.

Karl Lagerfeld and cat Christmas decoration from Rockett St George
© Rockett St George

It doesn’t get more iconic than this decoration of German creative director Karl Lagerfeld. Pay tribute to his genius with this pop art-inspired bauble.

Wool mix fox on skis
© The Contemporary Home

This delightful woolly fox Christmas decoration from The Contemporary Home will add some woodland charm to your tree this year.

Full moon personalised bauble by Betsy Benn Designs
© Betsy Benn Designs

This lunar decoration by Betsy Benn Designs is based on Nasa photography, so you’re getting a slice of actual moon imagery! It can also be personalised with a message to a loved one, making it a perfect Christmas gift for friends and family.

Freddie Mercury-inspired Christmas decoration from Rockett St George
© Rockett St George

This Freddie Mercury Christmas tree bauble from Rockett St George is bound to become a firm family favourite.

Gold unicorn balloon dog from Paperchase
© Paperchase

This quirky balloon unicorn would combine perfectly with a gold colour scheme. Hide it among your classic baubles to surprise your guests!

Larry the lobster and Milly the dinosaur Christmas decorations from Oliver Bonas
© Oliver Bonas

If you’ve ever thought about what a dinosaur or a lobster in a sweater would look like, you don’t need to wonder any more! Oliver Bonas has created Larry the lobster and Milly the dinosaur to bring true festive joy into your home. They’re the decorations you didn’t know you needed.

Shiny gold bauble with leopard spots Christmas bauble from Rockett St George
© Rockett St George

Give your tree a fashionable twist with this eye-catching leopard print bauble from Rockett St George.

Post impressionism gold glass pineapple decoration from John Lewis
© John Lewis

Continuing with the tropical trend, this gorgeous pineapple decoration from John Lewis will really brighten up your tree.

Two hanging astro silhouettes from Cox & Cox
© Cox & Cox

Create a pattern of constellations across your tree with these starry decorations from Cox & Cox.


Fantasia lions, £16

Fantasia lions Christmas decorations by Ella James
© Ella James

These regal lions will bring both elegance and colour to your tree – plus they’re glittered for extra sparkle. Order yours from Ella James.

Metallic sequin feather baubles from Dobbies
© Dobbies

No Christmas tree is complete without a bit of bling and these shimmering baubles from Dobbies will bring classic style to your decorations this festive season.