If you’re thinking of updating your flooring, it’s important to know that certain types of flooring are more appropriate in one room than another. Carpet in the bedroom, tiles in the bathroom… sounds simple, right? But with a huge variety of flooring on the market and so many products to select from, choosing the right type can be daunting.


Ideally, you want a floor to look stylish, be easy to clean and to last a long time. To help you make the right choice, we take a deeper look into what each room requires from its floor and explore the best options for you.

Kitchen flooring

Pure vinyl flooring in Terrazzo Light Grey (1)
LVT - Pure - Terrazzo Light Grey

In most households the kitchen will need to withstand a substantial amount of wear and tear – enduring water and high temperatures as well as food, drink, pots and pans all likely hitting the deck. ‘The kitchen is a well-used area that’s prone to spills, dropped food and more,’ agrees Scott Arundell, Sales Director for flooring producer BerryAlloc.

Original high pressure floors in White Pine
High pressure floors - Original - White Pine

‘A wooden floor definitely brings a relaxing feel to kitchens, but it’s probably not the most practical choice,’ he advises. ‘The ideal flooring is durable and easy to clean’ he explains ‘but if you do want a real-wood look there are plenty of alternatives to consider with the same appearance. We have high pressure floors with best-in-class scratch resistance while Ocean+ laminate has lifetime water-resistance.’

Top pick – high-pressure flooring because... It’s durable, tough against drops and scratch-resistant, providing a long lasting finish that’s ideal for busy family life. It’s water-resistant too making it a worry-free way to have the natural wood look. 

Care and maintenance? Vacuum and wipe with a damp cloth and mild synthetic detergent solution. 

Other options: vinyl, laminate, or ceramic tiles

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Bathroom flooring

Live luxury vinyl tiles in Vibrant Stone
LVT - Live - Vibrant Stone

No matter how hard you may try, bathroom floors will always get wet. So flooring must be waterproof and slip-resistant. Warm floors are always a plus in the bathroom, so if you go for flooring that can be cold to the touch, such as ceramic tiles, consider investing in underfloor heating.

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Top pick – luxury vinyl tile because... Most importantly, it's water-resistant! ‘Standing up to water is an inevitable part of being a bathroom floor, so choose something that’s highly water resistant,’ agrees Scott Arundel, Sales Director at BerryAlloc.

‘Vinyl planks and tiles are a great option.’ There is a huge selection of colours and patterns to choose from, so you're bound to find a design that suits your taste and it also offers great value for money.’

Most vinyl floors also feature a surface that reduces the chance of slips caused by wet feet, however, there are also specialist anti-slip floors available if you need extra peace of mind.

Care and maintenance? Vinyl is easy to clean, simply sweep to remove large particles and mop to clean.

Other options: water-resistant laminate or vinyl on the roll 

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Hallway flooring

Ocean+ laminate flooring in Select Light Sand
Laminate - Ocean 8 V4 - Select Light Sand

Hallways see a lot of foot traffic, so flooring needs to be tough, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Placing a mat at the door will catch dirt brought in from outside, while a good way to disguise the inevitable marks in the hall is to choose flooring with a pattern.

Top pick – laminate because... This versatile wood-effect option can stand up well to wear and tear, and it comes in a good range of plank widths and lengths so it’s a nifty flooring option, no matter the size of your hallway. Plus, even the lightest wood shade will stay looking fabulous, thanks to a scratch-resistant surface and easy cleaning.

Care and maintenance? Once you have swept or vacuumed the floor to remove dust and particles use a soft cotton cloth or mop that has been dampened with diluted laminate floor cleaner – take care not to soak the laminate and avoid using any products that will leave a slippery residue as this could be hazardous.

‘Make sure you add suitable mats at external doors to keep tracked-in dirt to a minimum and vacuum them often,’ advises BerryAlloc. Find all the tips and advice you need at BerryAlloc.

Other options: LVT or high-pressure floors

Living room flooring

Les Exclusifs wood flooring in Bardenas
Wooden floors - Les Exclusifs - Bardenas

The living room is where the flooring choice is at its widest. To narrow down the best option for your home there are a few factors you need to consider, such as how regularly is the room used, do you have young children, what do you use the room for, do you have pets? Also, if it’s open plan, the flooring will ideally need to complement the adjoining rooms, at least in colour if not material.

Top pick – wooden floor because... If cared for correctly it can be extremely durable, it's also easy to clean and timeless.

Wood has the advantage of complementing most colour schemes and can be suited to innovative or traditional looks. Depending on your budget you can go top end with solid wood flooring or create an effective wooden look with laminate at a more affordable price. Add a softer dimension to the floor with a rug that can be updated at relatively little cost when trends change.

‘Nothing matches the natural character of a real wood floor,’ agrees Scott Arundell, Sales Director at BerryAlloc, ‘but it also needs to be easy to live with, particularly if you’re always on the go. Modern finishes, like Ultimtec, keep the natural look of wood but make cleaning easier and are more resistant to scratches and wear.’

Care and maintenance? Sweep regularly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how often you need to polish the floor. Use fabric pads on the base of any furniture to avoid scratches. If any liquid is spilt on the floor, mop up straight away to avoid watermarks appearing.

Other options: carpet

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Bedroom flooring

Connect laminate flooring in Ragnar Warm Natural
Laminate - Connect 8 V4 - Ragnar Warm Natural

The bedroom can be the space to let flooring steal the show. Bear in mind you will be padding around in bare feet so make sure it’s tactile and warm – there’s nothing worse than ice-cold flooring first thing in the morning.


‘If you want the look of a natural finish to add a serene feel to your bedroom but also something that’s practical, then why not think about laminate’ suggests Scott Arundell, Sales Director at BerryAlloc.

Top pick - laminate because... With natural wood looks, laminate planks are a welcoming start to the day. Laminate is warm underfoot and doesn’t hold dust, mites and allergens, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

Care and maintenance? Vacuum regularly as this will keep laminate looking its best. Any marks can be wiped away with a damp cloth and diluted laminate cleaner. Use felt pads beneath furniture to stop scratches. 

Other options: LVT or carpet

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