In this week's Interior Design Masters, the designers faced the quarter-final makeover challenge - making over wedding accommodation on the banks of Rutland Water in the East Midlands. The designers were asked to work together in teams of two to create cohesive spaces.

Temi was paired with Jack to design the bridal accommodation, responsible for the look of the living room and kitchen, with Jack re-imagining the bedroom and terrace space - but sadly, it was her turn to leave the competition. We sat down to chat with the Hertfordshire-based lawyer about her experience, her style inspiration, and her new venture!

Hi Temi, we've loved watching you in the new series of Interior Design Masters and loved your take on the wedding lodge! We were so sorry to see you leave this week. Can you tell us what first inspired you to enter the show?

I had been contacted to apply for the show and at first I didn’t think anything of it. I just kind of thought it was a nonsense suggestion. I had wanted to make the change from law into interior design for a while and when I told my friend about it she gave me a big telling off - and I sent the application off that day!

Working with Jack was great, I think we both have a very different aesthetic but knew we needed to have common elements

What interior design style would you say you most align with, and why?

I think it really difficult for me to say I align to a particular design style. The reason is I think I mix them together and I have no idea what that would be called!

I think on the show each of my spaces had common themes, colour, reclaimed/vintage/playfulness but goodness knows what the style is called!

How did you find working with Jack to create a cohesive design for the bridal lodge? Did you feel you had to make compromises or was it a dream team?

Working with Jack was great, I think we both have a very different aesthetic but knew we needed to have common elements so we really sat down and went through things like the materials and colours in the spaces.

Did you gain any pieces of interior wisdom through working with Michelle, or any your fellow contestants?

I personally learnt so much from Michelle and my fellow contestants. I think the main thing they taught me, though, was to have faith and confidence in your ability and ideas.

Has the show changed your approach to interior design? And what are your plans for the future?

The show had definitely helped me to refine my process when it comes to interior design. Working with such small timeframes and budgets really helps you zone in on key areas within a space and to be clever with simple effective design ideas.

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I have started my own company called Temi Johnson design which offers both interior design and styling services, and have started to work on some client projects. I’m also in the process of sourcing all the items for and then restyling the Olive & Barr show room in Clapham so I’m just hoping that the future is bright and design filled!

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