Style secrets from Pippa Jameson

Interior designer Pippa Jameson gives us an insight into some of her best style tips

Pippa Jameson

How would you describe your signature style?


A mix of natural materials, such as concrete and wood, combined with soft and tactile textures - linen is an all-time favourite. I then bring my schemes to life with plants and flowers.

If you had just £100 to give a room a new look, what would you do?

I'd start by rearranging the room to make sure that it flows, and also remove all the clashing colours. I would then spend the money on a few lengths of fabric to whip up some cushions, look at creating a natural concrete texture on the wall and then finish with some plants and flowers.

What’s worth investing in, and what’s better bought bargain-style?

Larger pieces of furniture are worth the investment. Don’t cheat on items that need to support you (such as beds and sofas). However, smaller decorative pieces can be cheated on so long as they function.

Where are your favourite places to shop for homewares?

Flea markets and salvage yards!

Any trends you’re eager to jump on? Or avoid?

I hate to say it but I tend to avoid specific ‘trend-led’ schemes. I like what I like and I tend to stick to it. I have never been big on wallpaper or bright colours on the wall and I don’t think that will ever change.

What should we keep our eyes peeled for in 2017?

Colourwise, emerald green, blue, terracotta (and similar shades such as apricot, rose gold and blush pink). Popular materials will include cork, velvet, coloured glass, rattan, wallpaper and acrylic furniture.

Where do you go, and where should our readers turn for interiors inspiration?

Everywhere! Shops, fashion (especially) online, travel. Another good tip I often mention is to have a nose around the photoshoot location houses (as they are all gorgeous). Visit 1st Option and have a little snoop…


Lead image courtesy of House Doctor


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