Hi Julia! Tell our readers a little about yourself…


My career in interiors started when I was 15. I had a Saturday job in my local soft-furnishings showroom and my early interest became a life-long passion. By the time I finished school I fell between grants and loans for University, and as my parents were unable to fund me through further education, I decided to stay working in the interiors industry. It was a good decision as it turns out! I spent ten years adding to my skillset ‘on the job’ at various companies and now, I specialise in spatial planning and kitchen design.

How would you describe your signature style?

I would describe my style as earthy and textural - I love to use great lighting, natural finishes and a sense of permanence. I bring these elements to each new trend, creating a look that I feel comfortable with. I really believe that great design should look ‘evolved’ rather than contrived, with rooms that feel as good as they look.

If you had just £100 to give a room a new look, what would you do?

I’d probably fill a binbag for nothing to start with! Honestly, there’s nothing quite like clearing the decks to uplift a space. Painting a room is generally the best way to make maximum impact for the least cost. However, the important thing when you’re on a tight budget is to take a step back and be objective about what elements are letting the room down – then you know what to address.

What’s worth investing in, and what’s better bought bargain-style?

Well, any home improvement that you’re only likely to do once should be invested in, such as flooring, electrical and lighting updates. I’d also invest in pieces of furniture that make a contribution to your daily comfort; there’s nothing quite like a good quality sofa and a sumptuous bed to fall into at the end of the day. I shop around for accessories that are likely to be changed as trends - seasons come and go and I feel more able to embrace a new look if I’m not overspending!

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Where are your favourite places to shop for homewares?

There are so many! Graham and Green, Rockett St George, Designers Guild and Heals are my go-to’s, while I also love exploring independent salvage and vintage shops like Home Barn in Marlow, and Lassco in Vauxhall for one-off, quirky pieces.

What should we keep our eyes peeled for in 2017?

Cacti will feature very heavily this year. This is great for me as I’m hopeless with indoor plants and I think its almost impossible to kill a cactus…

Any words of wisdom for readers tackling a big project?

It’s all about organization and planning again. It’s important to be realistic about what you want to achieve, your budget and the time you have. Get several quotes for work being undertaken by recommended tradespeople and have complete clarity about what your expectations are. Decorating is an expensive pastime, so if you’re not really excited about your project, take more time to consider other options until you are!


Lead image courtesy of Norsu