On this week's Interior Design Masters on BBC1, contestants were challenged with making over a 1930s beach chalet in the seaside town of Eastbourne.


Interior Design Masters series 4, episode 5

Michelle and Lawrence

Joining head judge Michelle Ogundehin this week was interiors legend Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

Aside from Temi who impressed judges with her sustainable-focussed chalet, the other four contestants all had to face the daunting elimination sofa this week. Ultimately, Michelle decided it was Peter who would be going home, after misjudging the size of his banquette seating inside his chalet.

Peter Interior Design Masters beach chalet
Peter's colourful beach chalet, designed for a multi-generational family.

Hi Peter, we've loved watching you in the new series of Interior Design Masters and adored your colourful beach chalet! We were so sorry to see you leave this week. Can you tell us what first inspired you to enter the show?

A career in interior design has been a voice in my head for quite some time, I’ve been wanting to take it further and get out of the hamster wheel I feel I'm currently in!

All my life I’ve been surrounded by the most supportive family and friends, who are forever encouraging my talents, and in some ways, they lift my confidence levels so applying for a show like this wasn’t something I was nervous too nervous about. I’ve watched the previous seasons and thought 'why am I not applying for this?' and after season three I just thought 'do it!'.

I've christened my style as 'Natural Escapist' where my love for nature meets my love of transporting the user into a calmer idyllic space.

What interior design style would you say you most align with and why?

I’d say a style that really resonates with me is Wabi Sabi, a style that embraces imperfection. I have a love for natural aesthetics and materials and often in nature we come across beautiful imperfect moments like this.

I’m not one for glossy refined finishes - I’d much rather live in a dishevelled barn than a luxury hotel! I've christened my style as 'Natural Escapist' where my love for nature meets my love of transporting the user into a calmer idyllic space, in body and mind.

Peter from Interior Design Masters painting his floral mural

Your brief this week was to create a chalet for a multi-generation family with storage. What decor factors would you recommend to someone trying to create this look at home?

Tactile fabrics! My bench was upholstered in a waterproof fabric that had a natural colour and look, but it meant anyone in the family could walk straight out of the sea and sit on it - it was super practical and something that wasn’t mentioned in the episode.

Nature was a big factor too. I like to bring elements like wood and glass into my designs because materials that come from the earth almost always bring peace and a grounded feel to a space. Almost everyone, on some level, enjoys being amongst nature.

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Last but by no means least is incorporating a sense of joy. I pushed myself this week to make sure I didn’t take the space too seriously. I made sure my mural was colourful, vibrant and free-spirited, a feeling that is important in a family-focussed space like that.

I could live happily ever after in a humble quiet town, perhaps somewhere in the Philippines. Nowhere too pristine and fancy, just something simple and natural!

If you could have a beach chalet anywhere in the world, where would it be? And do you have a beach décor style that inspires you?

I’ve always loved the bleached aesthetics of Greece but I wouldn't want to be anywhere too populated! I suppose if I wanted a truly authentic escape it would have to be a humble quiet town, perhaps somewhere in the Philippines. Nowhere too pristine and fancy, just a simple, natural, imperfect beach.

One of my favourite films ever is Castaway with Tom Hanks. By no means do I want the travesty that happened to his character to happen me! But I was always jealous of how simple and beautiful his life became. This world is so technologically-focused that I always crave more silence and simplicity.

Peter Interior Design Masters beach chalet

Has the show changed how you view interior design? Will you do anything differently now?

The show really solidified my appreciation for my own style. I’ve learnt at the end of the day there are people out there who enjoy what I create, and now I can further challenge myself to adapt my creations for many different users, while still retaining my own design DNA.

On the show I went off in various directions to please my clients. I would love to fine-tune my style so that in the future I don’t lose myself and stray too far away from my natural approach when designing for other people.


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