As the seasons change, it’s always nice to give your home a bit of a seasonal refresh.


Mixing up your interior with the odd new scatter cushion, vase or potted plant when the colder months arrive really can give your home a much-needed lift, so, you can imagine how thrilled we were to find out that Tesco has just released an affordable homeware range for autumn / winter 2020.

The new Global range all takes inspiration from - you guessed it - global travel. It boasts an array of rich earthy tones as well as some neutral colours like plaster-wash pink, and is even influenced by the likes of Chanel, as Steven Rowe, Head of Design at Tesco, explained to us...

'Our Global trend takes inspiration from the global traveller, and high-end fashion brands such as Chanel' he said. 'It reflects a global melting pot of styles, patterns and fabrics across dine, soft furnishings and accessories, and demonstrates that it’s not just our love of food that can be influenced by travel, but our homes too.

'The collection’s colour palette mirrors stunning natural landscapes, architecture and desert sunsets. From the Trailing Pearls in Ceramic Pot to the Fox & Ivy Tribal Amber Glass Vase, it brings a sense of much-needed escapism and the experience of worldly travels to the comfort of the home.'

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Read on to discover our top five highlights from the collection!

Sahara Dinner Plate in White and Red, £3.50

red and white dinner plate
Sahara Dinner Plate in White and Red

As the colder months begin to creep in and, dare we say it, *Christmas* gets closer and closer, it’s always nice to have some standout dinnerware on hand, just in case you’re graced with a spontaneous visit from your favourite relatives. These ones from Tesco’s Sahara range are beautiful – the delicate pattern is eye-catching and fun, but they won’t look out of place in a minimalist home.

Tesco Trailing Pearls in Ceramic Pot, £12.00

faux succulent
Trailing Succulent

This beautiful trailing succulent makes a perfect addition to a living room, bedroom or bathroom in the cold, winter months – the greenery will add a pop of colour to your space and give it an instant lift. We love the chic monochrome pattern on the pot too… try styling it on a shelf next to some decorative books for a fresh, boho vibe.

Tesco Tribal Print Duvet Set Cinnamon, £14.00

red and white duvet set
Tribal Print Cinnamon Duvet Set

The right bedding can completely transform a room, and we love using a fresh set to give our space a quick and affordable seasonal update. We love how this duvet set from Tesco’s global range features classic winter colours but adds an on-trend twist with its tribal pattern.

Fox & Ivy Nero Storage Jar, £7.00

black and white kitchen storage jar
Fox & Ivy Nero Storage Jar in Stripe

If you want your home to look great 24/7, stylish storage is a must. This Nero storage jar from Fox & Ivy is a perfect example – the understated, monochrome pattern looks chic on kitchen counters, but it’ll also keep clutter to a minimum.

Fox & Ivy Tribal Amber Glass Vase, £8.00

amber glass vase
Fox & Ivy Tribal round amber glass vase

If you’re familiar with the interiors scene on Instagram or Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed that amber glassware is seriously in vogue. This one from Tesco exclusive brand Fox & Ivy really caught our eye – the bold, sculptural shape makes it perfect for styling dried grass posies on your mantelpiece.


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