Make your home Insta famous: Kerry Lockwood

In our September issue, stars of Instagram reveal their secrets. Today, we talk to Kerry Lockwood, of @kerrylockwood

Kerry Lockwood living room
Published: August 8, 2017 at 9:00 am

Today, we talk to Kerry Lockwood, of @kerrylockwood

My Instagram account just kind of evolved very naturally. I started to post the odd interior photo of the rented house that we were in to show the changes that can be made. People were really interested and wanted to see more, so I gradually just started posting more and more interior photos and then started my blog to help give others inspiration on how they can achieve their dream interiors.



Good quality photos and a well curated feed make a huge difference, Instagram is an image sharing site so your images need to be clear, and your feed needs to be consistent so if you want to make your home stand out try to avoid selfies and holiday shots.



Plan ahead to make sure you have the correct light and enough time to style the shot, make sure you have plenty of texture in there too like sheepskin throws, chunky knitted cushions or plants etc.



Play around by taking shots from different angles of the room until you find the perfect one.


Wide angle

In my experience full room shots are always much more popular than a close up image.


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