I joined Instagram a few years ago, mainly to find inspiration, as we had just started renovating our house. I remember getting my first 100 followers! Fast forward a few months, I began writing my interiors blog, kateyoungdesign.com and started regularly posting pictures of my half finished house. My home was featured on Abigail Ahern’s House Crush and my followers started going up and up. Today I have more than 24k and I work with many brands on collaborations, projects and product shoots. I also co-host #myhyggehome


My top tips


Quality control

Instagram is all about photography so always try to post good quality pictures. That doesn’t mean you need to splash out on expensive equipment. I take a lot of my pictures with my iPhone 6s or my Olympus Pen. I always try and shoot in natural light. Invest a little time in editing your photos but don’t overdo the filters! I use Lightroom just to play with the exposure and I always make sure the white is nice and bright.


Compose your shot

Edit your possessions and master the art of staging your shot. Remember things that look good with a naked eye might not look so great through the camera lens. Take a few minutes to move objects, and use props, such as plants, flowers, a throw, books, magazines, some cushions.


Curate the shot

Keep it real but inspiring. To take a great photo of your home it is best to avoid TV screens, gaming consoles, ugly wires, a pile of laundry or last night’s washing up! It needs to be your home but on a good day.


Shoot, shoot, shoot again

Take lots and lots of pictures at different angles and different set ups. I can take 30 to 50 shots and only have one good one.


Spot your trends

Kitchens and bathrooms are always incredibly popular on Instagram. My kitchen is small and my budget for the whole room was just over £1,000, yet it always attracts lots of likes and comments.