Make your home Insta famous: Dee Campling

In our September issue, the stars of Instragam reveal their secrets for curating the best feed around. Want to know more? We’ll be featuring extra tips from these styling pros right here.

Dee Campling living room
Published: August 9, 2017 at 9:00 am

Today, we talk to Dee Campling, of @deecampling

My Instagram story…


I started posting on Instagram three years ago when I was doing up a vintage caravan and I wanted to engage with people around the country doing the same thing. I also wanted to see what my teenage daughter was doing! However, it wasn't until I started playing along with the hashtag game #mystylephotochallenge that I really got involved. I found the community to be really friendly and supportive. I also found that when I posted pictures of my home or homes and events that I'd styled that the pictures got hundreds of likes. This gave me the encouragement I needed to take the leap and start doing interior design and event styling full-time. I can honestly say that Instagram has been the support network for this.

My top tips…


Take photos that are clear, focused and sharp

People will scroll straight past blurry, out of focus photos. Filters are best avoided and photos taken in daylight are best, unless you have proper photographic lighting. You don't need an expensive camera. All phone cameras are brilliant these days and you can achieve a very professional look if you experiment with the editing options. There are lots of tips on YouTube.


Engage with other interiors accounts on Instagram

Comment on their photos and respond to their comments on yours. It's good manners after all! The interiors Instagrammers are a real community and very friendly and supportive. Join in on the hashtag games such as #myhomevibe #styleithappy and #colourmyhome. It's a great way to meet fellow interiors fans, to share inspiration and get new ideas.


Understand your likes

The photos that I find get the most likes are pulled back, whole room shots. I think this is because people are used to seeing this sort of look in magazines and brochures. A brilliant close up of a beautiful object will never get as many likes as a not-so-brilliant whole room shot. Also a well hashtagged post will get more likes. You can use up to 30 hashtags – use all of them!

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Be authentic

Talk about what you're truly passionate about and share it. Say what you love about the pictures that others are posting. Liking and posting non-specific comments on lots of accounts such as 'nice room' won't get you followers or engagement. People love other people who are being 'real' and will quickly unfollow others who appear to be faking it.


Enjoy it

Don't get hung up on getting followers as fast as possible. Don't be tempted to buy followers or get involved with 'follow for follow' accounts. That sort of following won't engage with you.


Post at times when people are on their phones.

I find that posting around 7pm is best as everyone's settled in for the evening by then. A photo posted at 11am on a weekday will go virtually unnoticed as everyone's at work. Weekends and bank holidays are great for engagement. For some reason, Monday evenings are amazing for engagement! I think because everyone has the Monday blues and are trying to distract themselves on their phones!


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