Katie Piper is a familiar face to millions - first entering the public eye when she courageously shared her experiences as the victim of an acid attack which left her severely scarred, she has forged an on-screen career as a presenter, panellist and contestant on series 16 of Strictly Come Dancing.


She spoke exclusively to HomeStyle magazine's Kirstie Duhig to talk about her latest endeavour - a bedding collection with Bedeck. You can read their conversation below...

What inspired to you to launch your bedding collection?

My bedroom has always been a sanctuary to me, my safe space. It’s imperative to have a peaceful, calm space in your life, and for me, it’s the bedroom. I have always loved treating myself to new bedding, pillows, interiors accessories – anything to make the room more comfortable and cosy!

My debut bedding collection with Bedeck is a total dream come true for this reason. It’s been two years in the making, from design and drawings to launch.

Then … just to add that extra bit of joy – Bedeck have committed to make a donation to my charity, The Katie Piper Foundation, with each online sale at www.bedeck.com.

Do you have a favourite design?

I genuinely love them all!

After many meetings and many months, toying over materials, fabrics, colour-ways, patterns, I feel a genuine connection to each and every set. I have the 'Calm Textured, White' on my bed right now – so let’s pick that one as my favourite for today! I am also wearing my dressing gown/robe from the same range which I just love, so cosy!

Each design is beautiful, and has its place depending on your style and vibe. Some are softer, some have busier floral patterns but all have my positive affirmations running throughout on the pillows and pillow cases.

Check out some of her designs below;

Have you always been interested in interior design?

Yes, I have – it’s a hobby which I didn’t realise was a hobby until recently! I think sometimes we don’t recognise our interests as interests until we’re asked to speak about them, and then as you get talking you realise ‘oh – I have a lot to say about this topic!’

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I’ve always made an effort to ensure the space around me reflects who I am on the inside, and I think this is a fundamental element to design. It’s about expressing yourself. I think that’s why I enjoyed working with Bedeck and their design incredible team – they allowed me to do just that and have artistic license!

How would you describe your style at home?

Overall, I love an overall modern feel. Clean spaces, neutral tones and clear spaces. I’d say my go-to colour palette is white, grey and pink blush.

That said, I love a homely, floral print and love rooms which invite you in, and feel safe and calm immediately – often it’s the colour and florals which give me that immediate warm fuzzy feeling.

Can you describe a typical day at work for you?

There is no such thing as a ‘typical day’ in my world – but my days consist of being a mum to my two daughters, running my charity The Katie Piper Foundation, recording my podcast series, writing (I’ve just released my ninth book), broadcasting (either on Loose Women, Songs of Praise or BBC Radio 2) and exercising. Exercise is such a great mental health booster - running and weight training are my choices. In the evenings I love to relax watching a series on Netflix, and having a bar of dairy milk chocolate!

Where do you find your inspiration?

The volunteers, patients and medical staff at my charity The Katie Piper Foundation. Such strong, selfless, incredible human beings! And my podcast – Katie Piper’s Extraordinary People. I am fortunate enough to meet inspirational people every single week via this channel, and believe me, I am still inspired and blown away after three years of recording!

Who are you following on Instagram right now and why?

I am currently following Ed Jackson! He’s a Channel 4 presenter and recovering quadriplegic who broke his back when diving into a pool in 2017. He’s just written a book called Lucky and attempted to be the first quadriplegic to climb Mont Blanc. He’s such an inspiration.

You can also buy the book Lucky by Ed Jackson from Amazon, OnBuy and Waterstones

What’s your proudest career moment so far?

Proudest life moment is becoming a mother. Proudest career moment was seeing The Katie Piper Foundation open the UK’s first burns rehabilitation unit in Liverpool.

What does 2022 hold for you? Do you have plans to extend your collection?

I hope health and happiness personally and professionally.

Absolutely – I am already in talks to add to the current collection and have so many ideas, designs and patterns in motion already!

Looking ahead, is there someone you’d love to collaborate with or an interiors project you’d love to work on?

Good question... to be honest I’m open to ideas. For me it’s working with people who bring something really special to a project - a magic, a story. I’ve put my story in this collection via my quotes, literally on the pillows. Whoever I was to work with, would need to bring their own story.


How do you like to decorate your home for Christmas?

I’m very traditional when it comes to Christmas. I love to decorate the tree - or a few trees! - to the max with the kids, and just love the effect fairy lights can have on a home or space. For me, this Christmas is all about family as last year so many of us were without our loved ones and extended family. Bring on the Christmas carols, yummy food and tinsel!