How to make your own radiator cover

Radiators can be an unsightly addition to a well-decorated room so why not whip up a cover that's more to your taste at home? Here's our guide

Wooden cover for radiator and vase with flowers in modern interior

Hide unsightly radiators by fitting a stylish cover – follow these steps to learn how to install one. As well as covering a radiator, a cabinet can create a smart feature in any room and it’ll provide a useful shelf to display your bits and bobs.


Step 1

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Before you begin, read through the instructions carefully. Lay everything out on the floor to check and identify all the parts and fixings. As many cabinets are made-to-measure, the instructions may vary from one to the other; however, the basic principles of assembly should be the same for all styles.

Join the side panels to the panel supports using the cam and bolt fixings.

Step 2

Joining the side panels of a DIY radiator cover
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Fit the magnetic catches to the underside of the top using the screws provided. You may find pre-drilled holes to show you where to fix them.

Attach the back strut between the side panels, turn the top board upside-down with the holes upwards and fit the sides and uprights against it. You may need an extra pair of hands to keep the unit steady while you do this.

Step 3

Fitting the radiator cover sides
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Fit the front and side plinths to the uprights using the plastic dowels. This can be done either with the cabinet upside-down or upright.

Take care when turning the cabinet over. Be aware that the dowels may fit fairly loosely – this is to allow some adjustment if you have an uneven floor surface.

After you’ve assembled the whole cabinet, glue the plinths in place to secure them.

Step 4

Fitting the front plinth, DIY radiator cover
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Insert the front panel and grille. The metal plates on the top of the panel should line up to the magnetic catches on the top board.

Once you’re happy with the assembly, you can go through the process again, gluing the components in position as you go.

Once the glue has dried, you can paint the cabinet and fix it to the wall through the back strut.

The instructions which came with your cabinet should provide more detailed information on using cam and bolt fixings 


Top tip

Jali offers a wide range of radiators suitable for many styles of decor. You can choose from a selection of ready-made options, or customise a design to fit your radiator exactly.

Using the online Jali Designer is quick and easy – change the size, finish and grille style, and then save your design for later if you need to.