How to fit a curtain pole

Curtains can be functional or decorative but, either way, they're somewhat of a necessity, so how about fitting them yourself? Here's our guide to installing a curtain pole

Laura Ashley curtains

Curtain poles are a great alternative to a track railing and they mean that you can easily switch up your drapes as you please. They’re not hard to install, so follow this quick and easy two-step guide for a swift fitting.


Step 1

Work out how far the pole will reach beyond the window recess each side and mark the point with a pencil. Measure 25mm in and 50mm up from this point – this will be where the fixing boss will sit. Note that for curtain poles, these should be at least 50mm from the recess.

Hold the fixing boss over the mark and use a pencil to mark the screw positions. Check for cables then drill the holes, insert wall plugs and screw the bosses into place.

Installing curtain fixing bosses
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Step 2

Fit the decorative wall brackets over the boss and secure with a screw.

Installing decorative curtain brackets
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Assemble the pole and slide it through the two brackets.

If your pole comes with curtain rings, leave one curtain ring on the outside of each bracket.

Tighten the retaining screw on each fixing boss and push the finials onto the ends of the pole.


Step-by-step images from B&Q‘s You Can Do It Manual