If you're anything like us, the bathroom is always top of the agenda when you check into any hotel room - just after a dramatic flop onto the bed to make sure it’s comfy enough, you're off for a snoop around the en-suite.

Hotel bathrooms manage to combine the perfect blend of simplicity and style and, of course, they always feel luxurious. No-one knows this better than Bette, one of the leading sanitaryware firms used by hotels. They also supply residential bathrooms, so they have given us the low-down on how to create that hotel-chic look at home.

Choose ultra-durable materials

Craft wash basin from Bette
Craft wash basin from Bette

Starting with the bare bones, the materials used in your bathroom are vitally important. You might have noticed that hotel bathroom furniture seems to be made of a slightly different material than most residential bathrooms. In all likelihood, that's glazed titanium-steel, and it's used in hotel bathrooms for a host of reasons - most importantly, it’s tough as nails and oh-so-easy to clean. Anyone who has spent hours waiting for de-scaler to work its magic will understand the value of this. Because of its durability, such a material stays looking great for years.

Co-ordinate your colours

Wet room
A completely open wet room is a practical choice for a compact en suite, as it doesn’t take up much room. Just make sure it’s professionally tanked or waterproofed. Hemsby shower in rose gold, £1,000; Wynwood wall-mounted basin, £245; Hemsby taps in rose gold, £195; Wynwood WC and cistern, £420, all Heritage Bathrooms

There’s no better way for your bathroom to ooze luxury than a matching colour palette across your furniture, fixtures and decor; creating a harmonious and upscale ambience. That doesn't mean that everything needs to be the same colour, but a walk-in shower with flooring that matches the rest of the room can go a long way toward creating that seamless vibe of hotel luxury.

The good news is that most fixtures and fittings can be supplied in a vast array of colours these days, so it's easier than ever to co-ordinate your scheme.

Find your fit

Warm white bathroom
© John Keeble

It’s imperative to make the most of the space you have available, but this can be tricky in converted lofts, in small bathrooms or long thin ones. It’s where many bathroom designs fall apart, but efficiently utilising your space is much easier when you can choose from a wide selection of sizes.

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If your budget will stretch to it, investing in bespoke sizing for your pieces is well worth the expense - the final result will be a well thought-out space where everything looks like it sits the way it naturally should.

Words by Hannah Caton