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Copper wall decor: how to create an aged copper feature wall

Add a touch of grandeur to any room with this step-by-step to painting an aged and distressed copper wall

Copper wall decor- how to create an aged copper feature wall

A copper wall can add vintage glamour to any room. Charlotte Anderson-Fox used it to great effect in her bathroom.

‘The bathroom was in good condition when we moved in, so thankfully I didn’t have to do much to it initially. When I started thinking about giving the room my own stamp, I saw some real copper used on a shop wall and loved it. I knew it wasn’t practical to use in my home, so I did some research and found this copper-effect paint from Craig & Rose. You just paint the wall, dab it with a sponge then paint on the solution where you want the patina effect to be.”

You can also get the paint in  a spray format

Here she shares her top tips for creating the look.

How do you make a copper effect wall?


Step 1

Firstly, prepare the area. Protect all the floors and furniture with dust sheets or old blankets and make sure the wall or surface is completely clean and dust-free; sugar soap will get rid of any dirt and grease.


Step 2

Always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure you have given the paint a really good stir.
Then completely cover the wall with the copper-effect paint using a roller to give
even coverage.


Step 3

Once this first layer has dried, paint another layer over it and while the paint is still wet, create a rough effect using a sponge or cloth to dab or rub off sections, or a brush to give a more textured effect.

Step 4

Once this has dried, use the copper patina solution that makes the effect come to life. Protect your hands with gloves and apply the solution with a sponge where you want the effect to show. It’s really up to you where it goes but don’t cover the whole wall; the effect works best as a detail. Be patient as the patina will develop over time and can take a couple of weeks to completely take hold