On this week's Interior Design Masters on BBC1, we saw contestants challenged with the task of transforming the classrooms of an Oxfordshire daycare.


Interior Design Masters series 4, episode 2

Michelle Ogundehin and Sophie Robinson

This week judge Michelle Ogundehin was joined by guest judge Sophie Robinson, known for her maximalist, colourful designs. After grilling the four bottom contestants, the pair decided it was interiors enthusiast Buse who would be leaving the competition. We caught up with her to find out exactly what it was like to take part in the hit TV series...

Buse from Interior Design Masters

Hi Buse, it was lovely to see you in the new series Interior Design Masters. We loved the design you came up with and were sorry to see you eliminated this week, but we hope you had an amazing experience. Can you tell us what first inspired you to enter the show?

I've been a fan of the show for years. I run my own interior design business, STUDIOBUSE, and I though the experience of the show would be fantastic for helping me develop my business and skillset. I had no idea if I would get in, but I applied just to try my chances. And it worked!

How would you describe your interior design style?

I have an approach to design that starts with permanence. I have an architectural background, so I like to start my designs with hard materials first, and then I fill in the space with softer furnishings. I have been describing my design style as Mid-Century modern-inspired, as I like adding warm wood tones and pops of colour.

I like adding warm wood tones and pops of colour

In this week’s episode, your challenge was to transform a daycare classroom into an inspiring yet calming space. What was the biggest design learning you took away from this challenge?

The time it really takes to do things was my pain point in both weeks. In my design, I featured reclaimed wooden logs and real sand, which I intended to sand down and close off for safety. What they didn’t show on screen was my intention to do this from the beginning - I just ran out of time. I found the 48 hour turn around difficult, as I usually complete a project in a matter of weeks or months, instead of days.

Interior Design Masters

Did you gain any important pieces of interior wisdom through working with Michelle, guest judge Sophie Robinson, or your fellow contestants?

The judges were great, and I especially loved the guest judge - Sophie Robinson - this week. I took all their comments on board, but I really learnt the most from my fellow contestants.

I really learnt the most from my fellow contestants

We were all very honest about what we liked and disliked about each other's spaces. This helped us grow every week, and we took it as a way to improve ourselves.

Buse from Interior Design Masters

Has the show changed how you view interior design? And what are your plans for the future?

Since finishing the show, I have rebranded my interior design studio and called it STUDIOBUSE. I’m very excited about it, and I think the experience of the show has given me a better vision for my business... I discovered my true style during the process. I'm now a designer that has warmth, colour and coziness in her designs, and I'm excited to share that in my next project, I'm going to be developing a range of concrete lamps and toiletries.

I'm now a designer that has warmth, colour and coziness in her designs

Overall, the show allowed me to find the things that excite me most, and nine amazing friends - who I'm sure will be in the interiors field in the long term. What more could I ask for?


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