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Best decorative chess sets for your home

Wooden, glass or marble? We’ve rounded up the best chess sets for every home

Published: June 4, 2021 at 12:00 am

If you’ve been hooked on The Queen’s Gambit, you might have come away with the urge to brush up your chess skills - or maybe you just fell in love with the show’s aesthetic, including its super-stylish chess sets.


According to the New York Times, people have jumped at the chance to get their hands on a chess set, as sales have skyrocketed since the series debuted on Netflix last autumn. Luckily, there’s no shortage of gorgeous options on offer, from designer brands to boutique artisans.

Covering the best chess sets - made of everything from elegant glass to striking marble or rustic wood - here’s our round-up of the most beautiful ones available, guaranteed to bring joy to your home... even if you never lift a piece!

Best chess sets for your home

Classic chess set

Classic chess set
Classic chess set
  • £37

This beautiful green chess board, designed by the Swedish lifestyle brand PRINTWORKS, will make an ideal addition to your home if you're a fan of sleek but classic decor. The wooden board has an acrylic top and lacquered wooden pieces, and it also comes in a stylish gift box, so it makes a perfect present for any chess fan.

Wooden chess table

Wooden chess table
Wooden chess table
  • £399.99

Here's one for the serious grandmaster wannabe! This option from Wayfair is one of the best chess sets for people who want to make a real statement in their home. The multigame table comes with a set of game pieces, so it's ready for you to play or simply admire.

Skyline Chess Set

Skyline Chess Set John Lewis
  • £110

Take on the ultimate trans-Atlantic battle with this set from John Lewis, which pits London against New York with pieces representing the iconic skylines of the two cities.

Umbra Walnut Wobble Chess Set

Umbra Wobble Chess Set Walnut
  • £250

How’s this for a truly unique design? The undulating curves of this walnut and maple board give it the appearance of ocean waves - and the round-ended pieces are designed to quiver in place during play, adding an extra element of excitement and tension to your game.

Circular three-player chess set

circular three-player chess board
  • £49

Prepare your mind to be blown - three players can compete at the same time with this board, so it's the best chess set to go for if you have two playing partners. Black, grey, and white pieces clash on a circular base, with trajectory lines to help you keep track of your moves.

It might take a few goes to get the hang of three-way chess, but from an aesthetic point of view we’re in love already - the design of the circular board is a work of art.

African soapstone chess set

African soapstone chess set
  • £22.95

A chess set doesn't have to be monochrome! This African-themed set, hand-made in Kisii, Kenya from local soapstone, comes in stylish natural pink and grey hues. Not only is it a cute twist on a traditional set, you'll have the satisfaction of supporting a Fairtrade organisation which ensures artisans are compensated fairly.

Online stores like Etsy often have several different soapstone chess sets available, so it's worth taking a look.

Resource chess set by Jonathan Adler

JONATHAN ADLER Resource Chess Set
  • £595

If you’re serious about style, you can’t go better than Jonathan Adler. The American interior decorator’s Chelsea boutique is a mecca for design-lovers.

His Resource chess set features clean lines and chunky shapes inspired by the minimalist 1970s styles of fashion designer Halston, and is crafted in a striking pattern of clear and smoky acrylic. It's the best chess set for those with a flair for modern style.

Olive wood chess set

olive wood chess set
  • £141.09

Crafted in Tunisia using olive wood, this rustic-look chess board would look stunning in a Nordic-style decor scheme. We love the little slide-out drawers stowed underneath to store the accompanying set of hand-carved wooden chess pieces.

Leatherette chess set

leatherette chess board
  • £200

This modern-style chess set was designed by Greek boutique Manopoulos for The Conran Store, and features a soft leatherette board with wooden drawers to store the 32 hand-carved oak figures.

It’s also available in classic black and white, but we’re partial to this turquoise version, which makes the set stand out from the crowd.

Matryoshka dolls chess set

Matryoshka dolls chess set
Matryoshka dolls chess set
  • £58.89

The Soviet Union was famous for producing generations of grandmasters, so why not consider a chess set with a distinctly Russian twist?

The colourful, rustic chess set above features hand-crafted wooden figures based on traditional matryoshka nesting dolls. The board is made out of birch wood and them marked with letters and numbers to help you brush up on your game strategy.


If you've enjoyed our rundown of the best chess sets on the market and want to find more decor inspired by our favourite TV shows, check out our guide to getting the Friends look in your home.


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