Rachel Faber, 35, a busy working mum, who lives with her wife, Miriam, 36, and their daughter, Sophia, aged one, has a lot on her plate. Not only has she started her own event styling and grazing table business, @bohemiansocial, but she’s also busy decorating their three-bedroom terraced house in Wanstead, East London.

Bathroom makeover: 'It’s practical but glamorous too'
Rachel’s new high-end bathroom has been transformed with a period-style suite, dark-blue tiles and fun tropical prints

‘When we moved in, we knew it was going to be a crazy few months ahead. With a new baby in tow, the place was quite chaotic. I also decided to start a business, as well as decorating the new house, so it’s been crazy.’

Bathroom makeover: 'It’s practical but glamorous too'
The traditional-style basin and stand looks sleek against the blue tiles and round hanging mirror

The old bathroom was in dire need of some TLC. ‘We were desperate for a relaxing feel but, with a growing family, it had to be practical too.’ Rachel and Miriam were certain of one thing: they wanted a serene, relaxing space they could unwind in. ‘We’re both non-stop during the day, so we wanted a luxe bathroom that felt like a hotel spa.’

The couple had been collecting ideas since buying their new home two years ago and they knew exactly the look they were after. With a vision in mind, Rachel ordered lots of tile samples and finally opted for a dark-blue rectangular tile to warm up the space and asked the tiler to apply them in a herringbone pattern.

Bathroom makeover: 'It’s practical but glamorous too'
The classic-look taps suit the bath perfectly and give the room a timeless elegance, as well as offering extra showering options

‘We loved the effect so much, that we tiled all around the room, just going halfway up the wall, and all around the shower area.’ Rachel wanted a rustic-style floor but the floorboards weren’t in great condition and made the room feel chilly. So they opted for wood-effect porcelain floor tiles instead. ‘They look just like real wood but are so warm underfoot.’

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Bathroom makeover: 'It’s practical but glamorous too'
Rachel is thrilled with the result of her first ever upcycling project. She’s given this old IKEA chest a fabulous facelift using wallpaper and paint

After discussing the best floor layout, Rachel and Miriam got busy ordering their pride and joy: the free-standing bath. ‘We loved the traditional style but were keen to mix up the look with some fun, modern touches.’

Bathroom makeover: 'It’s practical but glamorous too'
We added some fabric from one of our favourite designers, Emma J Shipley’ explains Rachel

The bath sets off the mood in the room and Rachel teamed it with an elegant basin and washstand, in keeping with the period of the property. The shower area was a top priority and although Rachel loves a long soak in the bath, she also wanted a power shower to help wake her up at the start of the day.

Bathroom makeover: 'It’s practical but glamorous too'
This walk-in shower is a godsend in the mornings and offers a practical solution for all the family

‘I have this shower to thank for my ability to function in the mornings… it makes me feel more human at 7am.’ Plus, being a walk-in design, it makes showering Sophia much easier too.

The room is blessed with two large windows, but some privacy was necessary. ‘This was our chance to add some fabric from one of our favourite designers, Emma J Shipley.’ Rachel chose from the Kruger collection, displaying a menagerie of jungle animals and tropical plants. ‘We love her work and wanted to give the room a quirky twist.’

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Rachel went on to revamp an old IKEA chest with some matching wallpaper and also upholstered a handy stool for Sophia too. Searching online for some lighting suitable for bathrooms, Rachel stumbled across the eye-catching chandelier. ‘It just completes the look perfectly. The bathroom is a joyful space that we can all enjoy now.’

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