What are the different types of cracks?

There are many different types of cracks you can get in your home, which vary in severity. The most minor type of crack is commonly known as a Negligible crack which can easily be fixed by redecorating and is usually less than 1mm wide. Other forms include moderate, severe and vertical cracks which should be taken more seriously and be repaired by a professional. Diagonal cracks can be the most severe and be a sign of structural damage.


When is a crack in the wall serious?

A crack in the wall does not have to be serious, but do keep an eye on the damage expanding. If your hairline crack continues to grow over 5mm wide, it may mean you have to seek professional help and undergo building work, and if you have any concerns at all always seek advice from a professional like a structural surveyor.

What causes cracks in walls?

There is not always a clear answer when it comes to cracks in your walls however there are a variety of factors that could be to blame. These include new builds and extension cracks whilst the materials settle and get used to their own weight, temperature and weather changes and newly plastered walls and structural damage.

How do you treat non-serious cracks in walls?

Treating non-serious cracks is simple and quick as long as you have the right tools.

You will need filler, a paint tray, dust sheets and cloth, a paint brush and mixer, paint, a sanding block, paint roller and a filling knife.

We suggest using the corner of your filling knife to remove any loose plaster and vacuum any remaining dust in the wall. Following this, dampen the crack with water on a paintbrush; this will prevent the filler from drying too quickly.

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Apply your filler into the necessary areas whilst drawing the knife across the wall at right angles. Once the wall is filled, allow the filler to dry. Finally, once your filler is dry sand down the area with 80 grit sandpaper until it is level with the rest of the wall and wipe dry.


Follow B&Q’s step by step guide for best results.


Beth PearceB&Q Category Manager for Construction and Internal Building