As the season of fresh starts and new beginnings, spring is the perfect time to get started on your home improvement projects. If you’re planning to spruce up your house, chances are a fresh lick of paint will be first on your list. And, while it’s easy to get swept up by the cheaper brushes and rollers that are on offer, you’ll end up paying for it with a poor finish. That’s where Harris can help.


The leading brand for painting and decorating tools, Harris has been a permanent fixture on the home decorating scene for almost a century – and for good reason. Each Harris brush and roller is designed to fulfil a specific task (because painting most certainly isn’t a case of one size fits all), so you can always have the best tool for each decorating job you take on.

Here are just some of the reasons you might want to consider choosing Harris for your next painting project…

Something for everyone

Painting a wall

Only you can decide how much you’re happy to spend on your DIY project, that’s why Harris’s brushes are available in three tiers. The Essentials range will give a good, reliable finish and are great for everyday general use. Then there’s the Seriously Good selection, which not only offers a fantastic finish, but the brushes also come with patented No-Loss TM technology, which prevents any pesky loose bristles embedding themselves in your paint job.

If you choose the Ultimate tier, you can look forward to the best possible finish for your Walls and Ceilings – and there are no tricky spots these brushes can’t tackle, thanks to the variety of task-specific shapes and sizes. Take the Harris Ultimate Blade Brush which is designed for super-neat results when cutting in around windows, skirtings or sockets. Its tapered head gives you edges as thin as a blade, so you have the control and precision you need to deal with fiddly areas.

More like this

Better coverage

Painting a skirting board

There’s nothing more disheartening than spending hours painting a room, only to realise the finish is uneven when it’s dried. This is a common problem with budget paint brushes, as the bristles will likely be of poorer quality and with less tapered, blunter ends. This type of brush tip struggles to hold sufficient paint, which can result in a streaky paint job and a patchy, textured finish, instead of the smooth, seamless coating you’re after. Harris’s brushes are made with quality bristles you can count on, so not only will you get a better finish, but you’ll also get the job done more quickly.

Up to any task

Powercoat roller

Finding jobs you need to do around the house is easy (sometimes too easy!), but finding tools that are up to the task isn’t always so simple. That’s why Harris has grouped and colour-coded its products by traditional DIY tasks. So, whether you require the Harris Ultimate Blade for cutting in, the Harris Ultimate Shed & Fence Swan Neck for faster painting of outdoor woodwork, or the Harris Ultimate Powercoat roller for larger areas of indoor emulsion, all you need to do is consult the chart on and get going!


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