IKEA hack: create your own chevron wash colour drawers

Spruce up your interiors and IKEA drawers with a new twist on a classic painting technique

Chevron wash colour drawers

The fashionable, pearlescent paint (available in four shades) lightly tints wood, adding bright pops of colour, whilst still displaying the woods natural grain.

By adding beautiful translucent colour to bare or unpainted wood, you can add texture and dimension.

Here, Rust-Oleum have hacked a set of IKEA RAST drawers, creating a cool chevron feature piece, perfect for a playroom or bedroom.

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Step 1

Chevron wash colour drawers 1

Remove drawer handles and place them to one side.

Step 2

Chevron wash colour drawers 2

Measure each drawer to find the centre and mark out your chevron design with masking tape, ensuring the drawer edges are covered. Trim any extra tape to give clean lines.

Step 3

Chevron wash colour drawers 3

Paint the bare wood sections, alternating pink to blue.

Step 4

Chevron wash colour drawers 4

Remove all masking tape once dry.

Step 5

Chevron wash colour drawers 5

Remask the chevron design to leave one stripe of bare wood and one stripe of colour in each section.

Step 6

Chevron wash colour drawers 6

Paint each area again in the same colours, thus giving some sections a second coat. Remove masking tape once dry.

Step 7

Chevron wash colour drawers 7

Reattach the handles and admire your brand new, bespoke drawers.


Tutorial courtesy of Rust-Oleum