How to vinyl wrap a worktop surface

Looking to update your kitchen on a budget? Here's how to wrap your worksurface with vinyl

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If you’ve been looking to transform your kitchen on a budget, you’ve come to the right place! A vinyl wrap will give your worktop a brand new look, for the fraction of the price of a new kitchen. Read on for our step-by-step guide!


Step 1

Give the worktop a good clean, making sure the whole surface is dust- and grease-free, and remove any silicone from around the edges of the cabinets, sink and also any appliances, such as the hob.

Step 2

Measure each section of your worktop, and don’t forget to add extra to wrap around and under any front and side edges. Take extra care with your measuring and cutting, particularly around any difficult areas, such as your sink and hob, or hot water taps, etc.

Step 3

Peel back a small section of the vinyl and put it up against your starting point; a corner is usually a good place to begin. Gradually smooth and stick the wrap down, making sure to work out any air bubbles as you go. This is the tricky bit because any bubbles will ruin the final effect – a credit card is a good tool to help with this. You can always unstick and reapply the vinyl to remove any air bubbles or puckering as you go.

Step 4

Carefully wrap the vinyl around the edges of the worktop. A hair dryer will help soften thick vinyl to make it more flexible, if necessary, for this bit.

Step 5

Reapply a silicone sealant around the hob, sink and cabinets to protect the area from moisture and spills, and leave to dry for the recommended time while the silicone hardens.


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