How to paint a perfect circle on a wall

Here's how to create a perfectly painted symmetrical circle on your wall

Perfect curves look tricky to achieve, but there are a couple of different ways you can plot them out before you start painting. If you’re planning to create several circles or curves of the same size, it might be worth investing in a reusable stencil. For a one-off design, follow the steps below for the nail and string method.


Step 1

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Start by marking the centre of your curve or circle. For the headboard design shown on this page, the centre point would be the middle of the width of the bed and level with the top of the skirting board. Make a mark at the widest point of your design. Cut a piece of string 10cm longer than the space between your two marks.

Step 2

Paint the perfect circle on a wall

Tap a nail into the wall at the centre point, then tie the string to the nail. At the other end of the string, tie a pencil. The distance between the nail and the pencil should be the same as the distance between the two marks on your wall. Hold the pencil so that the string is taut and lightly draw the guideline for your curve.

Step 3

Paint the perfect circle on a wall

Use a thin brush to paint in the edges of the design. Use the tip of the brush to push the paint up to the pencil line so you get a crisp edge. If you don’t trust your painting skills, use tape to mask out the design instead. Cut small slits into the outside edge of the tape and gently bend it around to follow your drawn line.


Courtesy of Dulux