Sub-zero temperatures can lead to the cracking or ageing of poorly installed flat roofs, which needs to be addressed quickly to avoid potentially costly problems.

Look for signs of water ingress – such as cracks in the waterproofing, material coming away from brick chases, or seams on the felt or membrane looking as though they’re pulling away. Take care when carrying out these checks as it can be slippery up there.

If the roof substrate feels spongy, it is important to take extreme care as this would indicate that water has been finding its way in and the timber deck substrate is likely to have deteriorated as a result, leaving it in a weakened state.

If repairs are necessary, use a liquid EPDM waterproofing system, which works straight out of the tin and makes light work of patching up a flat roof.

It contains fibres that can help strengthen and seal small cracks. In just a few simple steps, cracks, tears or more serious damage can be made safe in minutes – stopping water ingress that can lead to internal issues in a building or damage to the roof deck. If your leak is too severe, it may be time to replace your flat roof altogether. So, unless you’re a very confident
DIYer, it’s time to call in the professionals.