How to fit a curtain track

Curtain tracks are a fancier draping option but, if you're installing one yourself, they don't have to be more expensive. Check out our quick five-step guide.

DIY installing a curtain track

Curtain track photograph © Fotosearch

Curtain tracks, as opposed to curtain poles, allow you to hide the track itself with a two or three inch overhang in the curtains themselves. They’re very neat and tidy and, what’s more, you can install them yourself – here’s how.


Step 1

Cutting your curtain track
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The track should be long enough for your curtains to draw without a gap, so decide on your length and cut the track using a fine-tooth hacksaw.

Ensure the edge is smooth by filing or removing burrs with a craft knife.

Step 2

Marking your curtain track fixing position
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As with a pole, you’ll need to work out how far the track will reach beyond the window recess each side. Use a ruler to extend the top line of the recess by this amount with a pencil. Measure 25mm in and 50mm up from this point – this will be the position of the end bracket.

Mark the other fixing positions at equal intervals between the two end brackets, measuring 50mm up from the top of the window recess each time so the marks are in a straight line.

Step 3

Drilling your curtain track fixing holes
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Check at each fixing position that there are no hidden pipes or cables. You can pick up an electronic detector at most DIY stores. If all is clear, drill the fixing holes and insert wall plugs that are the right size for your screws.

Step 4

Screwing mounting clips for a curtain track
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Screw the mounting clips into position, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

The bracket latches that the track fits to need to be facing forward.

To fit the end stops, slip one over each end of the track and tighten the retaining screws.

Step 5

Fitting a curtain track
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Place the track into the slot in one of the end brackets. Push the bracket latch until you hear a click. Clip the rest of the track into place in the same way, going from one end to the other.


Step-by-step images from B&Q’s You Can Do It Manual