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Step through the looking glass

Retro-look steel windows, doors and screens are very on-trend right now and Crittall says it’s time to experiment with shape and colour

No home is complete without windows. Not only are they one of the most crucial components of a building but they also offer you an opportunity to add an exceptional stylistic feature to your home. This is where Crittall comes in. As with all trends, popularity can ebb and flow but when it comes to the classic design of steel windows, doors and screens — the look is utterly timeless.

Crittall frames have been used in so many innovative ways and they have been re-envisioned for every kind of setting imaginable, as an effective tool for anything from increased light exposure, rear extensions, room dividers and even shower screens.

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Shape up

In interior design, curves and rounded shapes are having a major resurgence. Take a moment to consider that you don’t have to opt for the ubiquitous rectangular shape in plain white or black. Steel-framed windows and external doors can come with arches and beautiful sweeping curves suitable for all kinds of spaces, whether your home has lots of little nooks and crannies or plenty of open space.

Perhaps you want to bring the outside in or even just maximise the views from your property? Or maybe you're hoping to make a huge statement in utilising the open space in your home? Or possibly you just fancy having a sweeping panoramic style window to bring the outside in? It all depends on your preferences but Crittall can certainly help you find what you want with their limitless bespoke design options.

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Show your true colours

Russell Ager, managing director at Crittall, says: “These days, you can colour-match almost everything in home décor, furnishings, appliances, even your window frames, inside and out.” This certainly applies to Crittall as there are plenty of colours you can choose from for your steel-framed windows and doors. There's also a dual colour option which allows you to try a bolder or darker colour on the outside, and then a lighter or more neutral colour on the inside to coordinate with your interior decor. This includes vibrant shades of orange, red and green and ultimately means that you can tailor the frames to your specific stylistic preferences.

Every Crittall window, door and internal screen is made from high-grade, recycled steel and is hot-dip galvanised to be virtually maintenance-free. Polyester powder coating means a consistent, even finish, meaning redecorating won't be required for 25-30 years. An extensive range of classic and luxury hardware is also available to complement the finished look.

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