Make your own cord trivets

Keep surfaces safe with these pretty coasters

DIY cord trivets

We’re all guilty of placing hot pans and teapots on surfaces we shouldn’t – keep your wood surfaces mark free with these easy DIY cord trivets.


Step 1

Making trivets with an embroidery hoop
© Lizzie Orme

Begin by removing the inner ring of the embroidery hoop – this is the part you’ll be using for the project, the rest can be discarded. Cut a long length of cord and secure it around the hoop with a knot. Continue to knot the cord around the hoop, pushing each knot up against the last so they sit tightly together. When the entire hoop is covered, knot tightly once more and trim away any excess cord.

Step 2

Making DIY cord trivets
© Lizzie Orme

Place the covered hoop onto a piece of felt and draw around it, then cut out the resulting circle. Turn the hoop over and apply a line of hot glue around the bottom of it, then stick the felt in place, and turn the hoop back over again. Take the rest of the cord and use a small blob of hot glue to secure the end of it just inside the edge of the hoop. Spiral the cord around, adding blobs of glue as you go, to cover the felt completely. Once you reach the middle, stick the cord down with one final blob of glue, then trim it off.

Step 3

Decorating home made cord trivets
© Lizzie Orme

Using a warm iron, apply a layer of fusible interfacing to the back of a scrap of floral-printed fabric. Cut a motif from the fabric using scissors. Finish the trivet by using a small covering of hot glue on the back of this appliqué to fix it in position on top of the spiralled cord.