How to paint your kitchen utensils

Our step-by-step guide to give your kitchen utensils a safe and long-lasting makeover with pastel spray paint

These pastel colour-block utensils will brighten up your kitchen, and they’re so easy to make. Here’s how…

You will need:

  • Pack of three wooden utensils
  • Aerosol spray paint in candy blue, pink, white and bright yellow
  • Masking tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Small paintbrushes
How to make pastel painted utensils

Step 1

First, protect your work surface and the area you’re working in. Rub down the wooden utensils with sandpaper until they’re smooth, removing any rough wood. Starting at the tip of the handle, mark where you want the first painted section to end. Wrap tape tightly around this point to make a barrier for the paint and to achieve a clean edge. Paint with your preferred colour, leave to dry, apply a second coat.

Step 2

When the paint is fully dry, remove the tape and repeat the process to create another band. As this is butting up to the edge of the first section, you’ll need to put some tape over the first section of paint to preserve your straight edge. Make sure that the paint is completely dry before applying the tape otherwise the paint will peel off. Paint two coats and leave to dry fully before repeating for the third section, then a fourth section if required.

Step 3

When all three painted areas are completely dry, touch up any missed bits with a small paintbrush. Go over the utensils with very fine sandpaper to remove any brush strokes or rough edges.


Project by Claire Watkins