How to make your own pillow and quilt set

Refresh your bed linen with this easy-to-stitch matching pillow and quilt set

How to make your own pillow and quilt set

Spring signals the time for freshening up your home – and what better way to do so than with some new spring summer bedding?

We’ve chosen linen for this homemade double bed set project, so it’s breathable and will keep you cool as the weather warms up. Plus, we’ve polished off the set with a matching ruffle trim and simple cross pattern detailing – what’s not to love? Happy sewing!

You will need:

  • Linen fabric, 8m
  • Wadding, 2m
  • Sewing threads in a matching and a darker colour
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric scissors
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Pressing iron
  • Basic sewing kit
  • Bias tape (optional)
  • Overlocker (optional)

Step 1

For the pillowcases, cut two 48 x 146cm pieces of fabric. Take a piece and fold one of the shorter edges to the wrong side (WS) by 1cm, then another 1cm and sew. Repeat for the other short edge.

Fold the pillowcase right sides (RS) together so one of the short edges overlaps the other by 8cm to create an envelope opening for the pillow insert. Pin and sew the pillowcase closed along the long edges. Press the seams with an iron, then turn the pillowcase RS out. Repeat for the second pillowcase.

Step 2

To create the ruffle detail, cut a 12 x 300cm piece of fabric (multiple pieces can be joined to create this length).

Next, pin the RS together along the shorter ends. Sew this shorter end to make a circular band; the ruffle detail around the pillowcase will be created with this piece. Fold this piece in half lengthways with the WS together, then finish the raw edges together using an overlocker or a machine zigzag stitch. Make pleats 5cm wide along the folded circular piece.

Align the finished raw edge of the ruffle with the edge of the pillowcase on the RS. Pin and stitch the ruffle in place along each edge. Press the seam allowance to the back of the pillowcase and topstitch all the way around.

Step 3

For the quilt, cut two 145 x 200cm pieces of fabric. Cut a sheet of wadding to 145 x 190cm, slightly smaller than the main material, so it leaves the edges free to attach a ruffle detail.

Sandwich the wadding between the two pieces of fabric, with the RS of the fabric on the outside. Pin all three layers together.

Step 4

To create the quilt crosses, mark each point 20cm apart horizontally and vertically on the fabric. Mark the centre of each cross then hand-stitch 2cm crosses with a darker thread.

Step 5

For the top and bottom edge ruffle trim, you will need fabric strips that measure 12cm x 150cm. For the sides, you will need material that measures 12cm x 200cm.

Step 6

Fold and pleat the ruffle trim in the same way as for the pillowcase in Step 2. On the RS of the quilt, pin and sew the ruffle trim to the edges in the same way as you did for the pillowcase. Finish the raw edges with an overlocker, zigzag stitch or bias tape. To finish with bias tape, simply fold the tape over the raw seam and sew using edge stitch.