How to make an Art Deco sideboard

Give a tired sideboard a glitzy makeover inspired by the glamour of the Jazz Age

How to create an Art Deco sideboard

The elegance of Art Deco never goes out of style, that’s why we see so many films set in that period. The cutting-edge glamour of this look is perfect for high drama. Bring a touch of old Hollywood to your home with a sideboard that’s fit for a star.

You will need

  • Sideboard
  • Screwdriver
  • Furniture or wood paint
  • Small paint roller
  • Large stencil
  • Gold or metallic spray paint
  • Varnish

Step 1

Start by detaching the doors, handles and the feet of your sideboard. Then paint the main body of the sideboard in the colour of your choice. Use a paint roller instead of a brush to achieve an even finish. Next, paint the doors to match.

Step 1 – Image by Furniture and Choice 

Step 2

Carefully lay your stencil on the door and use our top tip to help to keep it in place. Take your spray paint and begin to spray over the stencil. Hold the can at 90° from the door’s surface to prevent paint bleeding under the stencil. As you move across the door, make sure to align your stencil against the edge of a completed pattern to ensure a consistent pattern across the doors.

Step 2 – Image by Furniture and Choice 

Step 3

Coat the feet and handles with the same spray paint for a cohesive look.


Step 4

Once you’re satisfied with the overall look of the sideboard, finish your handiwork with a coat of varnish to protect against water damage, knocks and bumps.

Step 4
Step 4 – Image by Furniture and Choice 

Step 5

Once the varnish is dry, reattach the doors and feet and admire your beautiful Art Deco-style piece.


Tutorial by Furniture and Choice.