How to make a rustic Christmas sign

Upcycle bright scraps of seasonal fabrics and transform an offcut of wood to make this festive greeting

How to make a rustic Christmas sign
How to make a rustic Christmas sign

You will need:

  • Old piece of wood or an old floorboard
  • Chalk paint in white
  • Brush Cloth or kitchen towel
  • Fabric scraps (the size of a fat quarter)
  • Papier-mâché letters in J, O and Y
  • PVA glue Strong glue

Step 1

Before you begin, protect your worktop and the area you’re working in. Clean the floorboard with a dry paintbrush to remove any dirt and dust. Apply paint to the floorboard with light strokes. To get the effect, you should only have a little paint on the brush, so if it’s overloaded with paint sweep it over kitchen roll a few times to remove the excess.

Step 2

Once you’ve applied the paint, use a dry cloth or piece of kitchen roll to rub over the paint to work it into the grain of the wood and also to remove any excess. This will ensure the grain of the wood will be visible through the paint. Leave it to dry completely.

Step 3

Arrange the fabrics in the order you would like them to appear. Once you’re happy with the look, coat the face of the first letter with PVA glue, then stick the fabric in place. Work around the letter, sticking and clipping the fabric to the sides and on the reverse. Repeat for the remaining letters, then go over the fabric with PVA glue to seal the edges. Arrange the letters down the length of the floorboard, then attach in place using strong glue to finish.