How to make a hanging autumn wreath centrepiece

Find out how to make dried flower wreath and hang it as a stunning autumn table centrepiece


Forget flowers on the table – hang them from a height, like reader Tosia, with this seasonal chandelier.

You will need


Step 1

Trim the dried flowers to the desired length, then weave them into the wreath and secure with a glue gun, filling in all the gaps.

Step 2

Loosely wind the ivy garland around the wreath, securing the ends in place with glue.

Step 3

Cut three long lengths of brown string. Tie one end of each to three equally spaced points around the top of the wreath and knot in place. Bring the other ends together and tie into a knot. Hang from a hook on the ceiling.

Top tip: Add a starry twinkle by attaching a string of battery-operated fairy lights to the wreath.


Make and styling by Suzie Attaway. Photo by Olly Gordon