How to make a copper pipe candelabra

Cast a radiant glow across your tablescape with this majestic copper candelabra that has been cleverly crafted from copper pipes

copper pipe candle

Elevate your dining table set-up or mantelpiece display by transforming copper pipe offcuts into a showstopping candelabra. Each flexible length can be bent into the chosen curve once, so it’ll hold its shape and support the taper candles. 

What you need tio make a copper pipe candelabra

Copper pipe, 15mm diameter, at least 32cm

Measuring tape

Permanent marker 

Pipe cutter 

Flexible copper plumbing sticks x 4 

Tea towel 

Copper T-joints, 15mm diameter x 3 

Gorilla glue 

Copper elbow joints, 15mm diameter x 2

Transition fitting, 15-22mm x 5

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Step 1

How to make a copper pipe candelabra step 1

Using a measuring tape and marker, mark the length of copper pipe at the following points: 10cm, 20cm, 24cm, 28cm and 32cm to create two 10cm lengths and three 4cm lengths.

Step 2

How to make a copper pipe candelabra step 2

Push the pipe cutter onto the first marked point on the copper pipe. Line up the cutting wheel with the measurement mark and spin the cutter in the direction indicated to cut. After four or five rotations the pipe should come loose and split off.

Step 3

To bend the flexible copper plumbing sticks, take a seat and lay a tea towel over one of your knees or thighs. Take both ends of the stick and slowly bend the pipe around your knee or thigh to the necessary angle. Bend two lengths into a right angle and the other two into a horseshoe shape. If you’d prefer to not use your legs, bend the pipe around an object with the required radius instead.

Step 4

How to make a copper pipe candelabra step 4

Arrange the copper pipes and bent lengths on a work surface to create the arrangement. If any extra cutting is needed, push the pipe cutter onto the affected pipe and rotate four or five times to trim to the desired length.

Step 5

How to make a copper pipe candelabra step 5

Apply glue to each end of the right-angled arms. Attach a transition fitting to one end and a T-joint to the other. Apply glue to the upright end of a T-joint (this will form the base of the stem). Add a 4cm length and a right-angled arm. Add a 4cm length of pipe then add the second arm. Attach a 4cm length of pipe to the second arm topped with a transition fitting.

Step 6

How to make a copper pipe candelabra step 6

Apply glue to the two ends of the base T-joint on the main stem, then attach each horseshoe-shaped length one-by-one. Wipe away any excess glue and leave to dry. Glue a 4cm length then an elbow joint to the end of each horseshoe-shaped length, then glue a 10cm length of pipe into the elbow joint.

Step 7

How to make a copper pipe candelabra step 7

Once dry, glue a transition fitting to the end of the upright 10cm lengths of pipe and wipe away any excess glue. Leave to dry and thoroughly clean with warm soapy water to remove any marks left by the pen or cutter. Carefully screw five taper candles into each of the transition fittings to finish.