How to create marble Christmas baubles

If you have some old baubles that look like they've seen better days, don't throw them away just yet - instead, try this simple tutorial from Rust-Oleum

Marble Baubles 7

Transform last year’s Christmas decorations and give this year’s festive tree a glamorous new look!

Marble Baubles 1

Step 1


Marble Baubles 2

Using string, create an area for hanging baubles to dry. You may want to cover the floor with dust sheets / newspaper to protect from spray mist and drips.

Attach bauble hooks to each bauble. If necessary, prime your baubles in a well-ventilated area with Rust-Oleum Surface Primer. We primed darker coloured baubles to ensure none of the original colour showed through.

Step 2

Marble Baubles 3

Take your first can of Rust-Oleum spray paint and shake thoroughly. Holding your can approximately 20cm away, spray your paint onto the surface of the water. Repeat this step until you’ve used each colour.

Experiment with a range of colours and metallics to create the perfect Christmas tree decoration.

Step 3

Marble Baubles 4

Your paint should be sat on the surface of the water. Stir until you’re happy with the consistency and colour mixture. You can add more paint and mix again if necessary.

Step 4

Marble Baubles 5

Holding your bauble at the top, slowly submerge it into the water and then remove it. It should be covered in a marble effect.

Marble Baubles 6

Step 5

Marble Baubles 7

Hang your baubles and leave to dry.


Tutorial courtesy of Rust-Oleum